Monday, February 15, 2010

must haves, great deals, living on the edge

"We all know people who arrive late...who arrive early...who arrive right on time. Your personal inner clock functions in the same manner as your sense of where you are in relation to "the financial edge." You have an inner sense of how close you can come to meeting your financial obligations and still feel comfortable." Amy

Amy goes on to explain what that looks like for different people. I personally like to have a cushion. A cushion that keeps me from whigging out when... my kid has a broken arm and we are in the new insurance plan year and have to fork over $1100.00 husband tells me the new tires for the car can't car insurance jumps because of teen drivers.  If you are a Dave Ramsey fan, it's one of the baby steps-get your emergency fund in place. Mary Hunt calls it a contingency fund. But whatever you call it, you need it.  So many live one paycheck away from disaster. Don't be that person. Live UNDER you means. Don't rely on credit to bail you out. Most of us think we can't cut back much, but let me tell you, I have lived among some of the poorest in the US (in rural Maine), and without exception I have seen ways they could cut back, from the cigarettes to the Mountain Dew to the Satellite dishes in the yard. And I sure can cut out some things. So, given the current economy, think about ways to "live like now one else today, so you can live like no one else tomorrow." (thanks, Dave)

Daily Buck (how I saved $): I colored my own hair with on sale "Perfect 10". $3.99. Kick Butt! I started going gray @14... and yep, I'm vain, I color it. But my husband thinks that's a good idea. I put away 2 more school freebie planners for next year. I watered the new tomato plants and talked to them a little. And I got about $25.00 worth of rebates out for the mailman to pick up.

Deals: News on the street is super doubles at the yuppie mart this week (Harris Teeter). That usually means double to $1.99. That will start Weds...get the coupons ready!  There are great winter clearance deals going on everywhere right now...Sears, Penneys, Belk...they all have up to 80% off. Now is the time to get next year's Christmas gifts.

Free Entertainment in the Triad: Air Force Band will be at High Point Theatre Saturday night.@7:30 pm. It's free, but you do need a ticket to get in. They were sold out, but there are usually no shows if you want to wait. This is an incredible performance. Also, there will be a free play "Blood Done Sign My Name, " at Wesley Memorial Sunday at 3pm. An offering will be taken. 

And just FYI, Town and Country magazine just issued the 60 "must-haves" for spring. The cheapest is a $98 J Crew sweater; the most expensive a $6500.00 Gucci clutch. I added up everything. $80,953.00. Start saving now!! (Why do I have T&C mag? It was a freebie, of course, and provides me with rich entertainment, pun intended!)

Tell all your friends about the blog! Happy Savings!!!


  1. gonna try my Perfect 10 hair color today..but mine cost me up the good work..wish we had a CVS..

  2. We should post pics:)...I was happy with mine. I have VERY stubborn gray!1