Friday, February 19, 2010

It doesn't hurt to ask....& my HT deals.

Conversation in our van:

Abby: "I like your jacket."
Abby's friend, "Thanks! I got it on sale at Wal-Mart!"
Abby: "Girl, you just rose several notches up the ladder in my book. Anybody that shops at Wal-Mart and isn't afraid to admit it is truly awesome!"

Man, I love that kid! Funny, in our famlily, it's the people who tout thrift that are venerated, not those who make a show of their money.

Whoa...what a day! I started out this morning representing the nursing profession at the high school college fair. Not a lot of interest, I must say, which doesn't bode well for us nurses. I recently read that the average age of RNs is We need lots of folks coming in...

Then a load of laundry on the clothesline (thanks, Debbie!) and off to do super doubles at HT. So, here's what I got: 6 four-packs of yogurt for $.50 ea, guacamole for free, 7 packages of rice-2 for free and $.12 for the others, chocolate cheerios for $1.50, 2 packs of instant oatmeal for $1.49 each, box of wheat thins for $.99, bananas for $.34#, fresh green beans in the mark down bin for $ paid, $12.79, total savings, $33.81. Nothing remarkable or that I couldn't have lived without. I turned down a bunch ot items, because even though the savings was significant, the item was still cheaper at Aldi.

A cheery story: back in November, my oldest son broke his wrist while on a scouting trip 6 hours from home. Long story short, it required surgery and was going to cost us @ $1000.00 out of pocket. (@ $9000.00 total-crazy!) The bad news was that it healed wrong. So we go to our doc here and find out that we now have to go back every 3 months for x-rays (@$50.00 a crack) and see what happens. I paid the hospital and anesthesia bills, but when the Dr. bill came, I wrote the guy a letter and told him what happened. I was VERY nice-- really. I told him I wasn't upset or anything and that I realize "stuff happens, " but asked if he would consider reducing the $550.00 bill in light of the fact that we will have to do follow up here. I also said that if he wouldn't I understood and would pay it. Guess what? HE DROPPED THE CHARGE COMPLETELY!  I think I might send him part of it just for being so nice! It always pays to ask!

And then I got our bi-annual car insurance bill. I was shaking when I opened it because my daughter is now driving and I had heard a lot of horror stories...but it only went up by about 25%, which is high, but not as much as I had anticipated. Woot!!!! (Farm Bureau, BTW)

I am working hard on compiling a comparison list of 20 most purchased grocery items among different stores. I knew there was a diffrence, but WOW! Wait until you see it. You will be shocked. Should have it ready by next week.

There's a new recipe on the blog site: instant cappacino (I know that's spelled wrong...hate that there's no spell check on my blog!!!)

The boyscouts in this area are in the middle of a food drive. If you got one of their little bags on your door...please consider throwing in a few cans and putting it on your porch for pick up. It means so much to the scouts and even more to the needy in the community!!


  1. Looking forward to seeing the comparison prices. Also trying that cappuccino recipe--it looks like it will be really yummy--I usually buy the can at Aldi, but I have all the ingredients, so will give it a try. I love that your kids are proud of their thrift shop clothes--my daughter is the same. She says things like "When can we go shopping at the Thrifty Shopper?"

    Thanks again for your tips, Cleanin'Lady

  2. i am so jealous of the stores you have down your way..but oh well i try to make the best of my options...on the it doesn't hurt to ask point..Glenn had to purchase a new jack for the garage a cpl weeks ago and he asked if shops get a discount or if it was on sale or anything and the guy was like um not sure let me check..than just like that took of 20 you are right it never hurts to ask...