Monday, February 8, 2010

life frugal, freebies and frappes

As I sit here sipping on my free mickey-d's frappe, I've been pondering a lot about my blog and why I feel so compelled to do this. I think I've hit on the main reason(s) why: I like to write, but after trying my hand at the book thing (at least the self-published type), I much prefer this venue. I can (and do)make typos and say things that I might change tomorrow, but that's OK here. I also really like to save money and I REALLY, REALLY like to teach other people how to save money. Call me lazy, but this would appear to be the easiest way to reach the greatest amount of people. I've taught classes, and even wrote a book about my frugal life, but in this venue I can just hit send and update daily to an infinite number of folks. Honestly, how cool is that?? I have also been frustrated by the lack of websites that let you in on the "good deals" without paying. They entice you in but then you have to pay to get into the "member's only" section. There's nothing wrong with that. I pay several of these sites and even recommend a few of them, but I wanted to offer something different. I want to be able to share my tightwad lifestyle but also laugh about my not-so-frugal faux-pas. What's it in for me? Quite a bit actually. While I will never charge for a glimpse into my frugality, when you post an idea I didn't know about, or share how something on the site made you laugh or change in some way...that's very fulfilling. How can you help? Get all your friends on board. Talk about the blog and tell them to sign up. The more ideas we have the better.  I will, as I learn more about the web, add links to sites that may be of interest to you. Feel free to check them out or not. Overall,  I've just decided this is a good, productive way to spend my time. Tomorrow I may change my mind. So there you have it. Philosphy Fru-gal.

Daily Buck (how I made or saved a buck to day): This morning I went for a run in clothing that was all puchased at yard sales. No gym fee. I ran 2 miles and it was only 32 outside. I'm patting mayself on the back because I've only excercised MAYBE 10 times in the past 10 weeks and I ran the whole way. (OK,maybe the 2 cups of Chock Full o' Nuts helped and  I was sucking air when I was done, but still.) I had a patient once of European descent...I add this because I am going to try to "write" her accent.... (My kids tell me all my accents sound the same)...Anywho, another nurse and I were helping her get cleaned up. She was a rather large lady and was getting very short of breath as we moved her. As we settled her in her chair and hung oxygen on her, she wagged her finger at us and said: "I useta take-a care of people justa like you are. I tolda myself I'd never get thisa way. You girls-- take-a  care of your bodies, hear me?" " Yes, Maa'm", we answered in unison, because that's what you say in the South. But I've not forgotten it. She's right. And exercise shouldn't have to cost you a thing.

Freebies this week: go to for a rebate form good for a 7lb bag of cat litter. I picked mine up today. The rebate is good until 12/10. Walgreens has Dove's mens body wash and super polygrip free with register rewards this week and RiteAid has the same body wash also with rebate. (If you are new to all this, I'll explain all the store programs in the near future.)

Stupid Tax: Confession: I like long very hot showers. Esp. when it's cold outside. I know it wastes time and energy and I do it anyway. There, I said it. I feel better.

Happy Savings!

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