Friday, February 5, 2010

sanctioned trash picking, posting/following/subscribing

No, that isn't me hanging out of the dumpster...but I have been known to scrounge in a few. When we lived in the country, we had this recycle center that we use to go to. It was really just a bunch of dumpsters with signs: brown glass, clear glass, newspaper, get the idea. These were not your average small dumpsters, they were big hummers--if I did manage to get inside, you couldn't even see me...but they were clean. My kids were really little then, and they cheered me on while I "dove" for coupons in the newspaper bin. That's been the extent of my dumpster diving...not that I am against it. I know several people who practice this fine art on the sly, and you would never know it if you saw them. I, however, am a bit more subtle in my acquistion of other peoples' junk. I practice "sanctioned trash picking."

I suppose this started when I was very young, growing up in rural Maine. We had dumps back then where everyone just dropped off their own garbage and no one was round to supervise. It was burned every few years and all kinds of nasty toxicity seeped into the ground. Maybe that's what's wrong with me. Anywho, I digress. I LOVED the dump. I actually don't ever remember taking anything, but my dad let me set on the back of the pick-up truck and throw food to the black bears who hung out there. Yep, he sure did!! So it was kinda like going to the zoo but with none of those cages, and it was free!!

On to the grown up years. Many areas that don't allow you to leave big items beside the road for pick-up chose one or two days a year when they will come by and pick up all manner of big ticket items. If you can find out when this is, you can beat the garbage trucks and score big. Cities actually encourage this because then they don't have to get rid of the stuff. Where I live now, we can set out any items on trash day-Monday-so this is the night when my husband and I walk through our little burg. He doesn't carry stuff home...I do. Although, to his credit, he has gone with me to pick up a few bigger items. My kids get in on the action also. So what, pray tell, do we find? I have brought home 5 bookcases, a rocking chair, two benches, an aquarium, several cement planters (with the patina of a bygone era), matching quilts that had nothing wrong with them, and a myriad of other items. But you get the idea. I look at it like I am saving a landfill...not to mention a bunch of cash. One friend of mine who makes very good money has a yard sale every year with stuff she's picked up beside the road. She usually makes $800-$1000. Yep, people are wasteful.

Good news, I figured out today how to get to the page that lists all of you who are susbscribing by email, so you will be included in the monthly giveaways!! However, you really need to post some of the ideas you have sent me because they are great and I just don't have the time to cut and paste them all. Get all your friends to sign up! The more ideas the better!

Daily Buck (KB, how I made or saved a buck today). I had to take a required class at the hospital, 2.5 hours of paid time. Great. I also took pictures of items I plan to post on ebay. I think I can figure out a way to link my ebay account to the blog, so be on the lookout and you can buy my junk!!! And my hubbie and I are going on a real date tonight. I will use a buy one get one free coupon, of course.
Happy Saving!


  1. I am from Maine and I also remember going to the dump with my father and two brothers and sister. I also remember the day that I cut my hand really bad (I still have the scar--who knew anything about stitches and who could afford it anyway!!).

    Where we live in New York we have a time in the spring where we can put stuff out and we have gotten rid of stuff and also brought things home, too. It is amazing the things you can get rid of!! :) Also amazing the things that you can find--my best friend found a piano one year!!

    Have fun on your date!!


  2. that is pretty much my whole life..bringing home others thought comes to mind...Caprice had on an article of clothing and someone asked her where she got it..she said the local five and dime...they said where is that..she said the dump...more recently ..just a cpl months ago...someone gave us several big bags of clothes that were going to the dump...we of course went through it and got a few things and the rest got recycled in Glenn's garage..well anyway .Caprice had a friend up one day and they went out in garage and went through the rag bin to find a mother load of flannel shirts...for free...they outfitted several high school kids..mostly girls no less...gotta love that kid of mine...

  3. i could make a list that would go on and on..of things that we have brought home from dump or side of the road...who doesn't love free and saving money..

  4. I hear ya man...hand me downs are the best, you don't even have to drag them home, someone brings them to you!! Abby and Caprice would get along great. Abby is all the time saying how she just hates shopping and doesn't understand why anyone would pay all that $ for somthing she gets a yard sale for 50 cents. I honestly don't know what I would have done if I'd ended up with a kid who thinks they have to have "the latest"....