Tuesday, February 23, 2010

cheap baby stuff, sara groves, kiwi mag

"Do not wear yourself out to get rich; have the wisdom to show restraint."

Some good deals for those of you with ankle biters still in diapers...or, if you are like me, a chance to pick up some good baby shower gifts.

Rite Aid has their store brand diapers BOGO (well, actually buy one, get one for 1 cent) this week. This doesn't happen very often and it's a great deal. CVS is advertising Huggies wipes tubs for $2.50...that's not a great deal. However, the Huggies refill pack that has 216 wipes is reportedly ringing up for that price also. AND if your CVS has a scanner for your card, you can scan it and possibly get a $2 Huggies ECB to use, making a big refill 50 cents. SWEET! I'm going to try it this afternoon on the way to visit a friend.

Get a free magazine subscription to Kiwi mag. Click here: http://www.kiwimagonline.com/MomsMeet/

One reader sent in a link to http://www.slickdeals.com/. I have never bought anything there, but have checked it out. It's worth your perusal. Some great deals to be had.

Stupid Tax: As a treat for my boys doing scouting for food, I bought them Mickey D's $1 sausage biscuits. I ordered the water. Now, this has been 5 cents a cup, which I can stomach. But it was 25 cents a cup...75 cents for 3 cups of H2O...eegad!!! Never again. We'll be carrying bottles in the car for back up.

Daily Buck Update: all 18 tomato plants are now up. And guess what? 9 of the old seeds came up 4 weeks after I planted them. Strange. Be nice to me, I'll have lots of 'maters to share!

If you are in the area, Sara Groves is going to be in concert at our church on April 25th. Sara's newest album was voted "Best Christian Album" of the year by Christianity Today Magazine. I've seen her before, she's wonderful. Tickets are $15, but all the money goes to a home for pregnant moms. Email me for details or go to http://www.friendlyhillschurch.org/ and click on the e-letter update. Check out one Sara's songs (you'll need a box of tissues): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OSdP6PqsbJY

We are also having a conference this Saturday with speaker Regis Nicholl, who write's for Colson's Breakpoint. It is 3-9 Saturday and features a concert with Mosaic from Anderson University. Dinner is included and the cost is only $2.00. Theme: Transformed People Tranform Culture. Call the church office at 292-7788 to sign up.

OK...have a great day! My blog buddies are the best and I appreciate all the emails and good deal links you send my way. I don't always have time to respond to each one, but I do THANK YOU!!


  1. got my coupon for the free bottle of excedrin yesterday ..sweet...I love free stuff...

  2. Mine came also...was surprised it was so fast!

  3. The big packs of wipes did ring up for $2.50...great deal. I had a $7.00 ECB to use so bought 2 big packs of wipes and 24 use laundry detergent and 40 ct dryer sheets from the CVS dollar section all for free! How sweet it is!!