Saturday, February 27, 2010

home hair cuts, weekly update

Today, I cut Mike's hair and he cut the boys' hair. Don't laugh. This was something he made me start doing within a month of our marriage to help save money. He was right. I figure I do a conservative 6 cuts a year at a conservative savings of $10 a cut. Then add the 3 boys X @15 cuts a year. Total saved so far: @$3000.00 in haircuts alone. We don't usually think about things like this, but all those little savings really add up over your lifetime.

Total groceries this week,Feb 21-27 $91.00. Weekly average since January 24: $97.00. Meals this week: beef stew, chicken/rice, white chicken chili, pizza...and I lost my list, so I can't remember the rest.

For my southern readers, check out this site: This lady is a SERIOUS couponer. Good stuff.

Free food: Get a free $10 Bahama Breeze Restaurant gift card @  This restaurant is found in limited areas of Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Nevada, Washington, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio. Be sure to request one if you are going to DisneyWorld as there is one near there. Other Darden Restaurants include Red Lobster and Olive Garden. No promises, but the gift card might be accepted at them.

Off to a worldview THAT'S serious good stuff!


  1. Stephanie has been cutting my and our boy's hair for a long time. I don't cut her hair, but I do the color. Saves a bundle. She once had it done for $80 and that was the last time. I found out the ingredients are less than $10 and have been doing her color ever since.

  2. you should post the recipe for your white chicken chili...thanks..

  3. Bill...had no idea...impressive!! I might hire you! Lorna...I'll do that...prob. not til Friday:)