Friday, September 3, 2010

Winner! My shops...

We have a winner in the blog drawing for the cookware set, Aimee N. of Bangor, Maine. Congratulations, Aimee!! Just let me know where to ship it.

Today was a wash. What I thought was going to only be a couple of hours at work turned into five, so I didn't get to do the great freebie day, but all was not lost... I did make 2 trips to RiteAid:

First trip:
Original cost: $63.00
Less Sales-   $20.00
Less Coupons14.50
I paid            $29.00
-+UP rew     $6.00
-SCRebate  $2.00
- Olay Reb. $10.00

Second Trip:
Original Cost: $76.00
Less sales: $11.00
Less coup.: $24.00
I paid   $41.00
-+UP   $15.00
-SCR   $3.00
and I'll send in for the P&G coupon book with $110.00 in coupons. I got  a lot of the coupons for this shop out of the last book.

Not the greatest shopping but still a good 70-80% off original prices and a big stash.

Also stopped at Bottom Dollar and picked up 10# of ground chuck for $1.48/#...that's a good price for these parts. Also got bone in chicken breast for 87 cents#, also a great price. The sale is on until next Tuesday if you are in the area. Then I went into Family Dollar and picked up a garden hose for my DH that was half price. I think it was 90 feet; I paid $7.50. Many, many sales going on over Labor Day, be sure to get in on them.

Speaking of Labor Day...I want to go to my hometown Springfield Fair!! I always looked forward to it every year, and even though my kids have only been once, they consider it a favorite also. I think 10 bucks still gets you admission and unlimited rides, truly a great deal!

Happy Long Weekend!

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  1. Congratulations to Aimee!! How exciting for someone living so close to me (though I don't know her) to win!! I live 20 miles north of Bangor.