Wednesday, September 22, 2010

3 free books! 10 great new money-saving tips!

Click here: for a free book by former congresswoman Linda Smith, the founder of Shared Hope. This organization helps women who are caught in sex trafficking and prostitution. An eye-opening read.

For another free book titled The Work of the Holy Spirit, by Prof. D. Engelsma,  write your request to: South Holland Protestant Reformed Church, 1777 E. Richton Rd., Crete, IL 60417. Not sure the theological bend of this one...but I'm guessing reformed:)

And here are some tips for you:

1. Find the best deals on coupon sites at the beginning of each month. Check here: and and

2. Use hair conditioner in place of shaving cream.

3. Go to Lowes and Home Depot for free kids and How-To clinics. Check your local store for details.

4. Use lemon juice and hot sunshine to get out stubborn stains.

5. Use baking soda for carpet deodorizer. For best results let it sit overnight.

6. If you shop online, go through and get paid a percentage of your total back. Many online sites are on ebates.

7. Only go shopping with with fellow frugal friends, not spenders.

8. Make sure to check out "oops" paint at all home improvement stores. I have purchased several gallons this way.

9. Go to and sign up to host get-togethers featuring selcet products. You host---they provide the goods!

10. Book flights on Wednesday mornings when airlines post new sales.

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