Wednesday, September 15, 2010

great new freebies/stupid tax?/daily buck

This morning I read in 1 Corinthians,  "Now I know in part; then I shall know fully." I've read that verse hundreds of times, but for whatever reason I found so much comfort in it today. Sometimes I just get so overwhelmed/frustrated and I wish God would just make choices obvious for us. Someday, it will all be clear.

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Stupid Tax ? (dumb things we do with money):
Last week my daughter had her Senior pictures taken with an amazing photographer who is really out of our price range. I'm not saying she is overpriced because I think she is worth every penny she charges, it's just more than I want to pay. This was not a last minute decision. My daughter did not even ask for this lady because she knew better (or so she thought). I have to say, my kids are great about the whole tightwad thing. They never complain about yard sale clothes or homemade meals. They may not like the lack of electronic gadgets, but they really don't fuss much. So when I told Abby who we were going to, she was visibly shocked...and very happy! Have you heard about the 5 love languages; touch, words of encouragement, time, gifts and acts of service? Though most people like them all to some degree, we all have one that speaks to us louder than the others. Abby's is-without question-gifts. So this said " I love you" in a huge way. But I was very up front with her. I told her we would buy the sitting fee and the smallest package deal and then we would go somewhere else if she wanted more pictures to give to friends. No 18X24 wall portraits or anything. She was just fine with that, thank you very much. Last Friday was the photo shoot, which lasted 2 hours. It was priceless. I just watched from afar. (The photographer asked me to come, she likes to have someone as a lookout and to keep watch of her equipment. Later she emailed and thanked me for "giving them space." Might want to keep that in mind if you are ever in that situation...)Abby's never liked to have her picture taken, and this worsened after the wreck, so it was so nice to see her enjoy this time. I was a teary mess, because I can't believe she is a senior and I am so thankful that we even have her with us. Anywho....stupid tax? I don't think so, not this time. It was worth the trade-off of a $20 grocery shop this week!!

Daily Buck (how I save money every day):
After 2 cups of coffee and a great quiet time, I went for my 2 mile run. I ran without stopping, which is good for me because I haven't run in about a week. The whole family is running in a charity 5K this weekend and I don't want to look like a total wimp, so I'm trying. I came back and watered the garden. I even talked to the tomatoes trying to convince them to keep bearing as long as possible. It's so sad when the fresh is over!! I changed the filter on my Brita. We have city water, which isn't bad and it's not like I'm a bottled water snob or anything, I even drink straight from the tap--but the water is pretty chlorine-y (how's that for a word) and I really notice it right after I come home from Maine and my nice deep well. Sooooo....I use the Brita, but I don't buy Brita filters. I get the generic, or anything on sale. I think this was a Culligan. They all leave those funny little carbon particles for a few days, you know? Now I'm going to go on a lunch date with an older cousin, much older--he's 89. Carl was friends with my Dad and has taken on that role in my life. He owns his own construction company and still goes to work 6 days a week. Not too shabby for 89. I've learned  a lot from him and his wife. The picture was taken at Christmas. Real men wear teddy bear aprons and make to-die-for seafood chowders. Seriously, it was the best chowder I had ever kids concurred. Then I need to pick up some dog food and cupcake papers and go to the doctor...but today is payday for all is well. I am one blessed woman!

Be thankful today!

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  1. I got teary eyed reading about the photo shoot. What a blessing...
    Godspeed to the senior. :-)