Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Just another tightwad Tuesday...menu for the week.

So what does a menu look like when you are cleaning out the freezer and only buying $20 worth of groceries? Here's the Chez Cliff menu for this week (breakfast/lunch/dinner):

Sunday: pancakes/noodle-veggie soup/church homegroup--our host cooks(I love you Steph!!)
Monday: grits&eggs/bologna&cheese sandwiches/mongolian beef stir-fry and rice & tomatoes
Tuesday: cold cereal/turkey&carrott&lettuce tortilla wraps/meatloaf-taters-corn
Weds: banana bread/tuna sandwiches/tacos
Thurs: granola/egg salad sandwiches/chicken&rice&peas
Friday:oatmeal/PBJ/homemade pizza
Sat: on your own/hotdogs/homemade mac-cheese&corn

These are supplemented with juice, milk, etc. The kids take fruit, cookies, chips and juice along with the sandwich for lunches. I eat what I can scrounge at home.

I realized today that I do so many "tightwaddy" things every day that I never even think about. Here are a few from today: I made meatloaf. This has to be one of the most forgiving/easy foods ever and my kids love it-no joke. In fact, it is one of Abby's favorite foods. I use what I have. Today I had a bag of old bread languishing in the freezer. Bread in this bag is either stale, freezer burned, or both. I use it for bread crumbs or stuffing. I grated it and used it in the meatloaf this morning. I also made a batch of homemade granola, adding coconut and trail mix that had lots of dry fruit in it and then I made banana bread using the box mix. When I use box mixes, I embellish. Today I added a banana found in the corner of the freezer.

I scrubbed the hardwoods by hand using vinigar in water. I hung 2 loads of sheets and towels on the line. I cleaned out the frig. I found some very old limp celery in the bottom that even I contemplated pitching, but I cut it up, washed it and put it in a bowl of cold water. It sufficiently revived. I have supper all made and on "warm" in the crockpot so that when we get back from the CC meet at o'dark hundred and everyone is starving, we won't be tempted to stop for fast food.

Thinking I didn't have an hair color left in my stash, I was almost ready to go purchase some today. (The gray was getting to me.) I looked to be sure, and there in the far corner was a box of Clairol smiling up at me. Yes!! The box says natural, dark, neutral, blond. What? Having just rinsed, I can tell you that I am neither natural nor blond. Dark and neutral, yes. But the gray has been squelched for a few washings at least.

You get the idea. Then I found a cool site that lists groupons in which anyone can participate. So click here:
http://www.groupon.com/r/uu6307778 and at the top click on the cities listed below if you are interested in any of these deals:

Sioux Falls, Lincoln, and Memphis- Buy $40 worth of shoes and accessories from ShoeBuy.com for just $20 through Groupon. Shipping is free, and you may redeem the Groupon over multiple orders. There are limited quantities of this Groupon available in each city, so you may need to buy quickly!

San Jose- Get $50 worth of personalized gifts such as greeting cards, t-shirts, mugs, and more from Zazzle.com for $25. This Groupon would be great for Christmas gifts!

Orange County- For $20, you can get $50 worth of stationary, cards, and other paper products from The Paper House. Shipping is free.

Boise- Snag $25 worth of teas and tea accessories for just $12 from Tea District. Shipping is not included, but is a flat fee rate of $5.

Fort Wayne- Pay $15 today for $35 worth of desserts from Fancy Fortune Cookie.
Orange County (Side Deal) and San Diego (Side Deal)- Get 2 reusable drying cleaning bags from The Green Garmento for $10.

New York (Deal Nearby)- Buy $25 worth of teas from Talbott Teas for $10. The Groupon can be used toward shipping.

Happy tightwad Tuesday...time to go the the CC meet!!

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