Saturday, September 4, 2010

Beautiful Day! Free ESPN! Super Cheap Magazine!

It's a beauty of a day here in High Point...I guess Hurricane Earl knocked out some of the heat and humidity, even though we didn't get the needed rain. Bright blue skies and 80 degrees, just perfect! I'm going out later to plant lettuce, beets and spinach. Will let you know what happens. Also going to make a double batch of crockpot granola and some banana nugget cookies--too many overripe bananas sitting on the counter. Going to put towels and sheets on the line...

We used a $25.00 gift card at Home Depot to pick up some fall mums, duct tape and rose food. Then used my Staples rewards from the "free" backpack to buy ink for the printer. Overall, a nice tightwad kinda day.

Get a free Garnier skin gel sample here:

Kids eat free at Ikea all weekend. The best thing about this freebie is that it doesn't require an adult purchase. This would be a nice opportunity to check out what they have.

I don't ususally post coupon links, but this is a really good one: $5 off 5 kraft products. Combined with sales, this is a possible 5 free products: I was able to print two coupons, which is unusual; most manufactureres cut you off at one.

If you are a sports nut but don't want to pay for cable, ESPN now has live stream for FREE to many internet customers, including Time Warner. Click here to see if you can watch:

I have always believed that the Weight Watcher approach to weight loss is far superior than any other because it focuses on common sense eating and exercise. I also like their magazine because it has good articles, great recipes and often lots of coupons. Right now Tanga is offering it for $14.99, but if you use the code LOSE, it drops the price to $2.99 and you can get 4 years at that price. Generally, I only get free subscriptions, but I actually purchased 4 years for $15.96 (a 85% discount off the cover price) and will most likely break even in coupons alone. Hurry, I doubt this will last long! Here's the link:

Happy beginning of fall!

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  1. Oddly enough, Ikea has pretty good food and it's quite cheap as well. So, if you're in an Ikea neighborhood, you should check it out.