Monday, September 20, 2010

My Best Price List

My niece in Maine posted today that she had compared prices between her local grocery store and Wal- Mart and Wal-Mart was cheaper in every case. She doesn't have an Aldi up that way. This prompted my thinking about my own best price list, which I had been re-compiling back in the spring, but then got a little waylaid. My original plan was to actually give you a price comparison chart so you could see how much more you are saving, but for the sake of time, I have decided just to give you my current best-price list --not a complete one--to give you some ideas and let you do the comparing yourselves!!

apples 0.83 # Aldi
baking powder 0.89 can Aldi
baking soda 0.49 box Aldi
bananas 0.39 # Aldi
bread, white, loaf 0.79 Aldi
butter, 1.99 " Aldi
cheese, shredded, $2.99 # Aldi
cheese, chunk, 3.58 # Aldi
cheese, cream, 0.99 box Aldi
cheese, parmesan,  2.89 8oz can Aldi
eggs, 1.39 dozen, Aldi
flour, 0.30 #, Aldi
gelatin, 0.29 box, Aldi
hamburger/hotdog buns, 0.79 Aldi
juice, orange concentrate, $1.19 Aldi
milk, 2.89 gall, Aldi
onions, 0.56#, Aldi
peanut butter, $1.39 jar, Aldi
pepperoni, $3.98#, Aldi
potatoes, 0.37 #, Aldi
spaghetti sauce, 0.94 can, Wal-Mart
spaghetti 75# Aldi
sugar, 50# Aldi
tuna, 52 can, Aldi
veggies, frozen, 89# Aldi
veggies, can, 49 Aldi

If I don't list a size, it is the "normal" size for that item.

About one half of these prices are the same at Wal-Mart, but obviously Aldi is the hands-down winner. These are the prices I try to beat with sales elsewhere. Here is another list of "I-won't-pay-over-this-price-list:"

Chicken parts, 59 #
chicken bone-in breast: 99 #
ground turkey $1.39 #
hamburger $1.49 #
shrimp $4.65#
cold cereal 10 cents/oz

For those with babies, disposable diapers are $5.79 pack at Aldi. I had a friend test them for me, she aid they worked great.

Remember, I don't pay for toilettries...I find them free after rebate, which means I coudn't care less about brands.

There's some food for thought. If you don't have Aldi but have a Sav-A-Lot, their prices are similar to Aldi. If you have neither, Wal-Mart is a great choice!

Happy Shopping!!

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