Monday, March 1, 2010

WINNER! free vitamin H2O, this is how I shop...

MARCH WINNER of $20.00 gift card: Lorna S., Lee, Maine Congratulations! I'll mail is soon!

OK, so many of you have said something to the effect of "Good for you...but HOW do you do that?" Let me take you on a shop today and I'll show you how....I list regular price, sale price and my price with coupons/rebates. Typically I only go on one shop a week...unless there's a deal that can't wait...

Stop 1: Walgreens:
6 boxes Kleenex, BOGO $2.19...$1.10...$0.50ea
3 Kotex 24 ct maxi, $3.79...$2.99...$0.66ea
Advil 50 ct, $5.49...$4.99...$2.00 profit
Colgate Total 4 oz, $3.89...$2.99...$0.24
Altoids $1.99...$0.59
Excedrin $
W bar soap, $0.79, $0.33
Total: $ price: $16.48

Stop 2: Clover Leaf Grocery:
Broccoli @77cents#
Steak, mark down, 4.13 $2.15
Whole Chicken, markdown, $1.92
hormel ham sale: 7.98 $5.98
12 cans veggies @3/$1
produce $1.00

Stop 3: RiteAid:
listerine pocketpack
efferdent 120 ct (my daughter uses these for her partial)
gillette shave cream
gillette body
Total 28.95  0.00

Stop 4: Harris Teeter
6 boxes cereal: $3.99...$2.50...0.45ea
5 boxes green giant veggies:$1.89...$1.00...0.46
Yoplait smoothie: 3.78...2.50....0.70
2 warm delights, betty crocker (these are sooooo good)2.98...2.50...0.60
6 betty crocker tub frosting $1.99...1.50...0.50
franks red hot 1.25....0.25
split chicken breast sale @77#...6.21
betty  crocker ckae mix, 1.00....0.66
7 pillsbury grands biscuits, 5 ct, 1.55...0.51
Jenny O Turkey
Total 91.60...22.19

Stop 5 Aldi (no sales...always good prices)
3 bread 0.79
tomatoes, 8 ct, 1.69
3# rice 1.49
12 ct bagel 1.89
noodles .99
3# apples 2.69
4# oranges 2.49
3 gallons milk 2.59
3 frozen OJ 1.19
2 cans mushrooms 0.55
12 ct tortilla .99
eggs 1.09
real butter 1# 1.99
saltines 0.89
4 bags chips 1.29
1# shred cheese 2.99
round crackers 1# box 1.79
1# bologna .99
10ct sausage .99
bananas .59
lettuce 1.19
10ct juice box 1.89
5 # sugar 2.69
ramens 12 ct 1.79
1 quart half n half 1.99
Total 53.94

Then I got my free coffee at the Starbucks in our HT using a gift card and also got a free Curly Fry from Arbys...that is a balanced meal, I'm just sure of it...

Total this week before savings: $241.44, after savings: $110.40

This is a big shop week for me, meaning next week I will probably spend @$50.00. That's what a week with me looks like......

Someone asked me recently what I spend to feed 7 people...I told him I averaged $90.00 a week. His jaw hit the ground. He said he and his wife spend more than that. But then he asked what the main key was, and I really didn't have an answer. It encompasses so many things. I'll have to think on that...

Click here for free Vitamin Water: Good for the first 100,000.

Free uniball pen click here:  10,000 are given away everyday.

Free rental from Blockbuster Kiosk until 3/3, use code: GOLIVE (are there any of these in the triad yet? I haven't seen one, they look like redbox rentals)

Great deal on Southern Living Magazine, 2 years, 26 issues for $10.00. sign up at

Riteaid shoppers, go to and scroll down, looking on the right. You will see a place to click for coupons. Right now there is a $3 off $15 purchase. This can be used in conjunction with manufacturers coupons and this week there are many rebate deals, combine the coupons and you have lots of free stuff!

What's going on in your world??? Any special deals??

I have to work 3 days this week and there's a lot going on, so the blogging may be slow...


  1. yippee i won..i am enjoying your blog ...and am jealous of the shopping you can do down there..i do my best up here..luv good deals..used my excedrin coupon the other day ..and got some laundry detergent today buy one get one free ..can't beat that...keep up the good work

  2. You've got many of the same deals that are found at

    Maybe you can just save yourself some blogging time by posting that link everyday...folks can update themselves and you wouldn't have to spend (get it ..."spend" :-) time reposting the overlap.

  3. I think there is a Blockbuster kiosk at the Sheetz on Guilford College Rd near Target. There is a Redbox-esque rental thing there.

    And I think you should make it possible to comment with name/URL so I can link to my blog. ;-)