Friday, March 5, 2010

master? Amazon Friday sale

It was to my utter amazement that I mentioned "the Friday Sale" on Amazon to my homegroup and no one had heard of it!! I thought it was a given.  Just check every Friday and look for the Friday sale tab. Some good deals to be had. Usually good deals on kitchen ware and free shipping on $25 or more...

Do you order prints online? Get 100 free prints from Snapfish when you order a photobook. Use code SHIP310 (3/31) This offer is good for everyone.

I thought this one was just daughter will love this shirt: Get a free I (heart) bacteria t-shirt, click here: This is sponsored by Culturelle, a product that restores bacteria balance in the colon.

And free sunchips at sign up to be a fan then fill out the form.

I have mentioned that there are lots of sites out there doing what I do...but doing it better. I do want to offer a bit of a different twist...part inspiration--a little humor--and good deals. I will someday have a tab with all of these other sites listed...if I can ever find time to blog like I want to. Somehow, this day got away from me again and here I am needing to get something posted before I run to pick up kids from school because then it's all over for mom/computer time. This morning I read from that rogue fisherman Peter: "A man is a slave to whatever masters him." wow. How many masters do I have? Food is always a I start today. Shaking the winter weight and exercising more. Amy Dacyzyn's tightwad diet plan? A thousand calories a tricks, no pills, no off-limit foods...just a thousand calories of whatever I like. I'm in...

I'm also going to try to stop saying that I'll post this or that...because I seem to have a hard time then doing it!!  (except I just posted that I won't post this or that, and now I'm doing it....hmmmm)

Have a great weekend!!

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