Tuesday, March 23, 2010

HT and Home Depot

Good Morning, everyone! The sun is shining, I have supper (big pot of beef stew) all made, the check book is balanced and it's only 9 am!! I have to go in to work shortly and the boys have a trac meet today. Have you ever been to trac meets? Let me just tell you, they last FOREVER. Four hours forever. And any given child usually only participates in a couple of events, so there's much down time. But that's ok...it's fun all the same and I'm so thankful my kids are active and able to participate.

Don't forget, it's free cone day at Ben and Jerrys and free pastry day (for about another hour) at Starbucks!

Are you a DIYer? Sign up for Home Depot emails and they will send you coupons you can print off. Go here: http://pages.homedepot.com/ProOptin/

If you are a Harris Teeter shopper, I highly encourage you you to go to http://www.southernsavers.com/ and click on the Harris Teeter link. Jenny has a whole list of items that will be free with coupons during the upcoming triples, and she tells you where to find them. I'm so glad I found her site...made my blogging much easier!!

The response was overwhelmingly positive (mostly through email) that I should go ahead and post a couple of political blogs. I have to think about those for awhile, but I'll get it done eventually. My favorite prof in college (who had nothing to do with my nursing major, but who was infinitely more interesting) said that every social issue in life can be traced to the economy which can be traced to the politics behind the economy, which can be traced to the theology behind the politics. It always comes back to what we believe about God. And he was right. So I toast Dr. Martin...I do so miss him!!

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