Saturday, March 27, 2010

Stinky Dog with dandruff...arggghhh!

They're cute...they're fluffy...they're loyal....they're "man's best friend"....but even them the best of them SMELL LIKE A DOG. Dog's just stink. So what's an owner to do? We own a little mutt named Jack...he looks like a "Benji" dog. Since we didn't want to harm his delicate self-esteem by calling him a mutt, we made up a breed: he's a "Western Highlands Scottish Curl-Tailed Terrier." Yep, that's Jack. He's a good dog. Obedient, smart. He just STINKS--and it drives me crazy. He also gets doggy dandruff. I took him to the vet and paid the big bucks for him to tell me the dog has allergies and so....I bought the expensive shampoos. I tried lavender baby shampoo. I tried rinsing him with diluted vinegar after his bath. I bought expensive food. I gave him Benadryl and fish oil tablets. I bathed him more frequently...and then less frequently.  He still stinks. But ultimately, these two "homespun remedies" that I found online helped more than anything else:

I mix a few drops of tea tree oil in a quarter cup of Head and Shoulders Shampoo. It has totally kept the dandruff in check and cleared up the red flaky skin. It doesn't look like a snow storm when he shakes. It also makes him smell tolerable for a few days at least. Then I found this recipe: mix equal parts of regular listerine (no special flavored kind), lanoline based hand cream and water. Shake well and keep in a spray bottle. This also makes him smell better and shines his coat up a little. I spray it on right after his bath and then try to remember to spray it on again every few days after his bath. Make sure you massage it down into their skin.
 Happy doggy days!!!

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