Thursday, March 11, 2010

Staples printer deal, diet update?

So, I've been needing a new printer because my old one keeps dying at inopportune times (like when I really want to print a coupon or my kids have a paper due). Since Abby found her TI-84 (thank you Eliza!!!) I didn't have to think about getting one of those and I had $41.00 in Staples rewards to use and a $5 off coupon that was in the weekly flyer.  I really wanted to get a mid-range HP printer (with high consumer report ratings) that I'd seen for @$200.00. Staples has a trade in program right now on printers. You can bring in ANY printer and get $50.00 off toward a printer that costs $199.99 or more. Since I didn't have a printer I wanted to trade (I'm convinced I can save my old one somehow for the kids to use), here's what I did: I went to Carolina Thift (which happens to be right behind Staples) and bought a printer for $3.22, tax included. I then walked into Staples with it and traded it for the $50.00 off coupon. I bought the $200.00 printer I wanted, minus the $50.00, minus the $41.00 in rewards, minus the $5.00 coupon. Oh, yea, SWEET!!

Here are a few deals:

If you are a Starbucks afficianado (I'm not), stop by Starbucks starting today 3/11 through 3/14 and pick up a Coffee Journey Card. Then for the next eight weeks purchase the bold coffee of the week from a participating retail store for $1.50. At the end of the eight weeks if you purchased the select coffee every week and track your experience through a Coffee Journey Card you will receive 1-pound of whole bean coffee FREE!

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Possible codes for free Redbox rentals: DVDONME   BREAKROOM 

Free ink remover valued at $14.95, go to and click on the "free sample" link.

If a certain someone said she was going to eat a 1000 calories a day to shed winter weight, and then she babysat for a friend and fell off the diet-wagon, sucking down orange soda and eating goldfish, should that certain someone 'fess up on her blog? Even if she walked pushing a stroller for 1 1/2 hours on the same day?Jus' askin....


  1. Fantastic deal on your printer. What a great idea you had. Hope you shared that on RC. I can see people stocking up on used printers now. Thanks for sharing on your blog.

  2. What winter weight? 1000 calories a day isn't frugal--it's miserly. Go eat something good for you.

  3. I'm eating veggies....see Friday's post:)!