Friday, March 26, 2010

Free Magazines!!

OK...I have sites for you that offer totally free magazines. I'm a magazine junkie...sometimes I just don't want to get into a book, and a magazine totally fits the bill.

The picture on the left is from No Greater Joy ministries. Now I have to say that I don't agree with all these people promote, but they have some good articles on child-rearing, homeschooling, homesteading and "natural" remedies. Go to and click on the magazine link.

I'm also somewhat of a conservative/political/economic junkie. We have read Imprimus for years. It is a publication of Hillsdale College. Go to and find the Imprimus link. Great read.

And then check this out: They have a bunch of regular mags to sign up for...all for zip!!! Sweet!!

And one more site: just in case that wasn't enough.

Just a fair warning, I didn't look through every magazine they offer, so if something is objectionable, I apologize in advance.

Happy Reading!! Hit those yard sales tomorrow!!

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  1. once again..yard sales..still a cpl months away for us up here