Friday, March 19, 2010

10 great money saving ideas, misc. Friday stuff

It's been another full week...finally some spring weather and a list of yardsales to hit in the morning. Maybe I'll see some of you out and about...can't wait to begin my favorite Saturday activity!!

It was a good mail week. Got rebate checks back from RiteAid, Oil of Olay and Gillette Fusion. Got a Kotex sampler, 3 free magazines, and also got 50 free prints (click here: and then on special offers-you should get 50 free prints if you are new, pay only $1.99 of shipping) for signing up and my Office Max freebies came: 5000 sheet box of paper, 50 file folders, 12 sharpies, 6 banker boxes and a ringed notebook. If you didn't get in on this, I think there is still time. (see earlier post.) Mike even brought home a card good for a free 6" Subway meal. Gotta love this hobby. I'm going out is a little bit to get my 6 free deodorants from CVS. I stopped earlier and didn't have my coupons...don't you hate that??!! Thankfully, I can walk over later. See the southernsavers site if you missed this one!

I've been getting lots of interesting posts about meal planning. Since I gave people until Saturday at five to get in on the drawing for a free book, I'll wait until tomorrow to tell you my plan. I'll hardly be able to stand the suspense.

Here are some fairly random tips to take you into the weekend:

1.Store your SOS type pads in the freezer between uses, they won't rust.
2.Freeze overripe bananas whole in the peel and use when needed for smoothies and baking.
3.Use vinigar in water to clean windows, wipe with newspaper.
4.Wash and reuse ziploc style bags.
5. Accept anything anyone wants to give you for free. Give it away or sell it if you don't need it.
6. Combine store coupons and maufactuer coupons to maximize savings.
7. Cut baby wipes in half.
8. Get a rain check for sale items that are sold out.
9.Don't let your kids (or yourself) be picky eaters.
10. Grow your food...even if it's just herbs on the windowsill.

Happy Savings!!

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  1. On #3: Don't SCRUB with newspaper. It will scratch glass. A soft, dry cloth of a type that doesn't produce lint will dry windows without leaving streaks or scratches.