Wednesday, March 3, 2010

good mail day

Daily Buck: Today I got a coupon for a free Victoria Secret Panty  AND I got my staples rewards for a total of $48.00...SWEET.  I also had to go to the thrift store and decided to check the boys son needed khaki school pants. Found a pair in just his size, and they were 1/2 off...$1.49...wooooot! I was planning to go to the uniform store and pay $20.00 next week. Love those unexpected deals. Also had to go to Target (not my favorite place, but my son was buying a game, and I was looking for the "purex hangtag" I told you about (not there) but some nice person had left one of those BOGO Purex coupons lying there. SOOOO if it was you, thanks! Now I'll get another free bottle!

Work was tough...chest pain and blood clots, nausea and frustration. One of those days when I wished there were 6 of me. But there's only 1...and I'm home and the tough days always end too.

Have a great evening...will have more to share tomorrow!

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