Thursday, March 4, 2010

economics 101, two free books

Two free books to check out (see pics below):

Book One, Revolution in World Missions, by KP Yohanan, totally changed my outlook on missions and how I give to them back in the late 90s.  Request it free at

A second book, Romancing Miss Bronte, looks to be a good read. I cannot get the URL to link to my blog, so go to (site I mentioned earlier...great stuff) and scroll down until you see it. The book is not out yet; they are sending free copies to those who sign up; I have a feeling it won't last long...

Also: Free Resveratrol at Walgreens: This week Finest Natural Resveratrol is B1G1F 2/$9.99. Use the $5 coupon from the March Walgreens coupon booklet. It will deduct twice, making them free. If you haven't heard of Resveratrol, it is the hot new supplement extracted from grapes/red wine, which helps maintain a healthy heart. You'll be hearing lots more about Resveratrol in the coming years. (thanks refundcents) I'm going to try this when I go to pick up the kids...

And, this looks to be a good deal too...I'm thinking ahead to $10.00 Mothers/Fathers Day/wedding or graduation gifts: Picaboo, a company that is just focused on photo books has a great promotion to help you get started. Any new user gets 1 FREE 20 page Hardcover photo book free (you  pay shipping of $9.99). These are regulary $39.99 so that’s an awesome deal! To get your free book, head over to and use the code AFFLGB.

Economics in One Lesson, is, I think, the best short read on the subject. Abby is reading it right now (along with Atlas Shrugged ). She also has econ in gov't class. On the way to Carolina Thrift last night she said: "You know, Mom, my saving account is actually losing money right's not keeping up with inflation.  I really think I need to invest in some mutual funds." Whoa. Then she bought a "new" dress with Kohl's tag ($36.00) still attached for $5.00. I wish I had been half as money literate at 16!! Today I started the process of filling out college board info for her. Crazy that this is happening. I really can't believe she'll be a Sr this fall. Amazing.

I'm really hoping to do some heavy duty blogging tomorrow...add some recipes and the list of best grocery prices...until then...have a great day!

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