Monday, March 8, 2010

$10 flights TODAY only, unsettled, great shopping week,

Wednesday March 10th, Panda Express will be giving away Free Honey Walnut Shrimp, single entree servings.  No coupon necessary, one per person. This is only at certain locations, so call ahead.

Likewise with this deal. Our Eastchester Dunkin in High Point is NOT make sure you call: Dunkin Donuts want you to come in on any of the remaining Mondays in March and grab a freshly brewed medium hot or iced coffee for free!!

Here's a HOT deal....TODAY ONLY...Jet Blue is offereing $10.00 one way flights to celebrate their 10th birthday. Check it out!

This is an awesome shopping week in regard to the three big drugstores. As I mentioned earlier, I don't want to reinvent the wheel, so to speak, so I invite you to check out and just click on the store you are interested in. I'm heading out in a bit to get in on the deals. I'll let you know how it goes.

Here are a few news-makers that have caught my ever-probing frugal eyes lately:

Did you see the Chicago Sun Times article? Grace Groner of Lake Forest, IL, purchased three shares of Abbott for $180 in the 1930's. By never selling and reinvesting the dividends those three shares grew to $7 million. Grace never married, worked as a secretary, and lived frugally in a small cottage her whole life. When she died-at age 100- she left the entire 7 mill to her alma mater. They were shocked! I just love stories like this!! A life of value...

Iceland went to the polls last week and voted down-by a huge majority- a plan that would pay back banks in the Netherlands and Britain who lent them money after one of their own banks was going to be forced into bankruptcy. Sounds pretty ungrateful to me...betcha they have a hard time finding someone to bail them out the next time they cry wolf.

And have you heard about some California restaurants adding a new fee to your tab? It seems that they are upset at the recent hike in health care costs and instead of raising prices in general, they are adding a separate fee onto the final bill. I would think that this is just the cost of doing business...taking care of your employees.  Would this fly in other businesses? That extra fee on your plumbing or mechanic bill? Oh, that's for employee benefits. Hmmm...Things like this, 8% tax, and mandatory 20% tipping-even if the service is bad-keep me eating at my own table more and more.

Your thoughts??

I'm having this unsettled feeling lately and I can't figure out exactly why? Do you ever feel that way? I know it's just a feeling, but it can be annoying, and, well-- unsettling. So tell me, what do like about the blog? What do you not like?  I am at almost 100 subscribers and/or followers. When I reach 200, I'll up the ante on the gift cards. I am committed to blogging every day for a year, but I admit, I'm pretty fickle about it thanks for reading and for the encouragement. I love your posts and emails, even when I can't answer them all. Happy Savings!


  1. I admire your commitment to blog everyday. I especially appreciate the fact that your blog will be from a Christian perspective. We need more of that. I will gladly subscribe and look forward to your sharing. Hugs Lila from RC

  2. Welcome aboard, Lila! And thanks!!

  3. Tricia, I look forward to your daily blogs! Occasionally I get ideas from you, or just like to hear what you have to say : ) Keep it up!


  4. I am really enjoying your to save money and hear about great deals..keep up the good work..your cuz..Lorna

  5. Added fees on restaurant tabs to pay for employee benefits/ rising healthcare costs? hmmmm....
    I think we're gonna have to help pay one way or another...either through insurance/healthcare reform, OR stuff like this will be popping up.
    Sign of the hard times.

  6. Also...thinking that you don't want others to get something for nothing (i.e. 20% tip for bad service, etc.) but you don't mind you getting something for nothing (i.e. bargains, coupons, BOGO, rebates, etc.). You're working under the assumption that the employee at the restaurant really doesn't deserve that benefit you might be helping to pay for through the added fees....someone is helping to pay for YOUR frugal living by giving you a free shampoo,or what not... so why not be part of helping someone else get a bit of "frugalness"?

  7. Hi Tricia, thank you for visiting my blog, yours is very nice I like your sense of humor. I believe that we all weill be paying for the new health bills just that with these restuarants they are being upfront about it. Others are just raising their prices that we pay - its all the same.
    Blessings, Laura

  8. It's capitalism. Which is what you favor, right? Captialist society, so the business owners have every right to decide what fees to add to their product/service. Consumers pay. "Pure" and simple.

  9. Love the blog. I need to read everyday. I missed the $10 airfare deal :(.

  10. I enjoy reading the blog!! Just now catching up on the week as I've been visiting the parents in the "land of no technology." And, you successfully made it so that I can post my name and URL!