Friday, March 12, 2010

"the diet" edward mckay, laundry #3

As I suspected, I'm catching a bit of flack for my diet posts. So allow me to explain myself a little. As I mentioned, the 1000 calories a day comes from Amy Dacyzyn's Tightwad Gazette. She explains how many people buy into the pills, special foods, gym memberships, yada yada....when we all know that the key is to burn more calories than we take in. She makes a point -and rightly so- of going into all the "consult your doctor,(which she did, and he agreed that, while it was on the low end of needed calories, it was OK for the short term)," "don't do this long-term," "consider your frame size"etc. I didn't go into it because I assume most people know this. I don't like to use the word "diet." I'm a small person, so most people I know give me a hard time if I cut back at all. But you know what? Most of us don't stay small by accident. It takes work. If I add 5#s on every winter-which I easily do-before I know it, I'm 30#s overweight. So about this time every year, I really work on maintaining my healthy weight, which for my frame is about 105-110 pounds. I feel good at that weight. When I start gaining more than that, I feel unhealthy and my clothes don't fit. Why do I just not maintain it year round? Lazy I guess. I like to run for exercise and I really hate the cold, so I don't get out so much. I also tend to munch more during the winter months. So, come spring, I reeveluate. Typically, like today, I drink a protein shake in the am. Skim milk, fruit, yogurt and protein powder. At 320 calories, it gives me 30 grams of protein and lots of vitamins and calcium. It also keeps me full until lunch. Then I eat small portions of whatever the rest of the family is eating. I also, as I mentioned a few posts back, eat unlimited low cal veggies all day...on top of the 1000 calories, so I really don't even get hungry. When I reach the goal weight...which doesn't take long-maybe 3 weeks- I up the calories and just try to maintain. That's the basic plan. I also run 3 days a week and walk almost every day.

As a nurse, I see the damage that obesity causes every day that I work. These people didn't get to be 200 pounds too heavy overnight. It happened a few pounds at a time with no maintenance plan. Most overweight people are not happy with themselves, esp. when it puts them in the hospital. 1000 calories a day isn't about being frugal. It's just an option that works for me! What do you do to maintain healthy weight?

The kids are off school today...teacher work day. We're going to Edward McKay booksellers (a used bookstore chain) in G'boro later and I'm going to trade in a few bags of books for credit. I highly recommend this. I've learned to look for newer text books at yard sales. Last year I bought a like new art text book for a buck and got a $20.00 credit for it at the bookstore!

Just started the first of 5 loads of laundry (doing some blankets this week). I should mention that my kids wear uniforms (most schools in our area, public and private have a "standard mode of dress") Our kids wear Khaki pants and polos. It's great! They change shirts every day, but uniform pants can be worn for several days if they change when they get home. I also wash most everything in cold water, which saves energy.

And finally, going to the dollar theater tonight to watch "The Blind Side." Been waiting for it to get there!!
Happy Spring!!


  1. I love Edward McKay!!! It feeds my obsession with books and I never actually spend any money there because I always "sell" back books for credit.

    Where is the dollar theater? I can't bring myself to pay more than $2 for a movie!

  2. I use HalfPrice Bookstores all the time. I trade my used books in for gift cards. My grands love the store also and they are delighted when they get the gift cards for Christmas or their birthdays.