Sunday, March 21, 2010

Life of Value

Well, as I fully expected, Tim Keller's message Wednesday was wonderful...and at a packed house, too! His title was "Wrestling with God," and, as with any good sermon, it has given me something to think about during these ensuing days. Using the story of Jacob's famous wrestling match with the Lord (Gen 32:22-32), he drew out the points that: Jacob was alone when God came to him; the "match" caused pain-and thus growth; and Jacob asked God for a blessing-and got it.

And so it is with us. When God wants to change us, He oft times meets us alone and/or in painful situations. And the end result-should we chose to "wrestle through til day break-" is a blessing, though we may not see it as such as we limp around on our wounded hip.

Keller also suggested that if we are not in some sort of wrestling match with God at any given time...if we have become complacent and apathetic and are not questioning some area of our life...that we are most likely not at the place we should be, and we are certainly not at the place of blessing. I found this most encouraging as I am almost always striving in some area of my life, wondering if I will ever "arrive...." and here is a reason to never arrive this side of heaven.

Jesus, God in Christ, truly is amazing. That He would take the time to wrestle with me is beyond my comprehension when daily my heart is "prone to wander, " as the hymn so aptly states.

Speaking of a struggle...I have been wrestling lately with all things political. When I started my "year of blogging," I told myself that I would not go down the political road with this blog.That's difficult, as  dealing with money issues generally points one toward the economy. Several of you have asked me through email my opinion on certain subjects that can only be answered in a political/economical/theological answer. So, what think ye? Do I just give you a couple of posts (no more than that) and put all my political ramblings out there? Any interest? As a person who believes that Christ should be preeminent in all things, I certainly have some very strong opinions on the matter. Are you up for it?

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  1. I'm sad that we missed Keller's appearance - we remembered too late.

    It is your blog, and blogs are about what is going through your head. I like to read well thought out political opinion regardless of whether that opinion agrees with my own. What irks me is listening to people rant who are just echoing a headlines or rants from a talking head, without having done any of their own homework. (I do not think this is what you will do since I know you way better than that.) Most people, I think, form opinions that are more to the center of our current congressional make-up which seems to have polarized too far to the left and right.