Saturday, April 10, 2010

Yard Sales, weekend stuff

Yard Sales today were pretty of those overwhelming days when there were so many I could have stayed out forever! Best find? A large mirror (about3X4 ft) to go in the upstairs bath--white wood trim-$2.50. Abby found a vintage Star Wars poster that we hung in her brother's room to surprise him, since he's having a hard day. Got 4 movies for a buck each, 4 pairs of shorts for the boys, 50 cents each, a Gund Winnie the Pooh for 75cents,  the cutest cross stitch for the bath in Maine for 75 cents,  and several like new college textbooks for a dollar each that I hope to get considerably more for at Edward McKay.

Have you been getting your freebies in the mail? In the last few days I got the coupon for free sunchips,  the uniball pen, puffs, kotex and bounce samples and a shampoo rebate check. It makes getting the bills a little easier! For those of you who are new to this, you should know that you won't get everything you sign up  for. I don't stress over it's just the way it is!

Not much shopping for me this week, just the $94.00 trip to Aldi. That was it. Didn't even get to the drugstores, too much going on. The lettuce is up in the garden and we'll try to get everything else in this week.

Meals this week: homemade pizza, spaghetti, ham/taters, tomato soup, burgers on the grill (first of the season). I just love the nostalgia posts. If you get the blog by email, take the time to read what others' frugal memories are. You have until Sunday night to be in the running for a copy of my book!

And speaking of my book...I now have copies to sell. They are $10.00 which includes shipping. The publishers price is $11.99 ( I have no say on that), but right now amazon has it for $10.19 and Barnes and Noble for $8.63. These are sale prices, so this is your chance to get a good deal! Online only...S&H free on $25 orders. I would love for you to get a copy and support Larry and ToKhanh's dream of getting the book out to other veterans. The title is Twice a Soldier.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Got a graphing calculator ($10) - haven't decided if I'm going to keep it of sell it on e-bay ($35-$50). I bought one just like it 15 years ago for $200. Got the first three seasons of the sopranos ($15) that are destined for e-bay ($45). Batman Lego video game ($5) that I bought a 6 months ago for Isaac for ($45). I figured it would sell for a bit on e-bay bu will only sell for $10. I also got a brand new boy scout handbook ($0.25) I thought I'd list on Amazon but it may only sell for $3 - $4 so I may keep it. Isaac got a Scooby Doo DVD for $0.50 and I got a movie for $2. I was done in an hour and a half. I probably should have looked for a few more. A few more weekends and there will be too many to get to.

    So Trish, do you have things that neighbors and friends have asked you to look for? Brian Brendly wants some wooded golf clubs. I've forgotten my list from last year.

    Mike asked me if I feel guilty if I know someone is selling something really valuable for next to nothing. A couple times I have told someone that I would pay them more than they were asking. Most of the time, I don't exactly know what something is worth, just have a hunch. If I have a good idea, I don't haggle. I only haggle when someone gives me a number and I go to put it back and they ask me what I would be willing to pay. Sometimes I'll haggle if I know that someone is charging too much and I can get the same thing at another yardsale but I'll offer a fair price.

  2. Stephanie, is your book a boy scout or cub scout book? I have a cub scout moving up to Bear.....Marilyn

  3. This weekend was my quilt guild's annual auction - members donate quilt related items from their stash, and we have a great time redistributing them through the auction. My top finds were a simple sewing machine for my sons to use for $11 (I admit, I'm not always willing to share my machine - why is it that they only want to sew when I am sewing!?!), and a bundle of 10 1-yard cuts of quilt shop quality fabric for $25 (retail at $7 - $10/yard). I also got a bundle of 5 books for $2.00. Only 1 was a book I wanted, but I figure I can give away the other 4. And finally, 2 boxes, one full of fabric scraps (since I am a scrap quilter) and one full of orphan quilt blocks. I plan to put them all in one wild quilt, and with the blocks already made, I'm saving not just money, but also time. Quilting can be a very expensive hobby, but for me, it is not at all, since I welcome the scraps of others and make them into something beautiful!

  4. Yes, occasionally friends ask me to be on the lookout for things...and I always have several friends with babies who I shop for. that you turn the castoffs into quilts. That's the way my mama always did it!!

  5. The book is the Boy Scout book. Ur welcome to it, but I don't know who you are.

  6. Marilyn, I was actually Stephanie's husband that posted - I'll ask her to get you the book. -Bill