Monday, April 5, 2010

The Blind Side, look for lost money

Today, I had to go in to work at the hospital for a few hours...which is hard to do when it's 85 degrees...but it was OK. Then I came home to a $4.99 rebate check in the mailbox, went to Aldi and spent $99.00 and stopped at Carolina Thrift so Abby could do some shopping for costumes for her school play. It's set in the 40s, so she was looking for dresses, and we did find a few. I bought one of those huge pizzas at Aldi...the kind that are "take and bake." At Wal-Mart they are $8.99 now, but they're only $5.99 at Aldi. I bought all the stuff to make homemade pizza, but then I was a slacker and took the easy route. One of those large pizzas and a 69 cent bagged salad, along with the Aldi brand "crystal light" style lemonade @39 cents for 2 quarts, made an entire supper. So it was still cheaper than eating out, which I considered. See, it is spring break, and tonight we finally were all home and went to see The Blind Side together. I knew I was gonna cry (I'm a sap at the movies) but I had NOOOO idea I'd pretty much cry through the whole thing. Good Heavens! What a tear-jerker. If you haven't seen it, you need to. It'll be one that I add to my video collection.

I don't know if this applies to anyone reading my blog, but if you are an active duty military member, it's worth knowing: Starting now until 12/31/2010, SeaWorld is offering all active duty military from all service branches, active members of a reserve or National Guard unit, and three direct dependents a free day at SeaWorld (at select locations). Click here for the form:

If you've never checked this site, you might want to. It lists money that is being held in state treasuries as "lost." I have never personally found any, but I have had friends and family members whose names have popped up. You can type in anyone's name, so check for all your family members and also check your maiden name, if applicable: never know!! (I only expect 10% commission for the tip:).

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That's enough for tonight...happy savings!


  1. Loved the movie the Blind Side, very convicting.

  2. I just saw The Blind Side at the drive-in this weekend. Loved it, and kids keep asking to go see it again. On a frugal note, our drive-in is a community owned and operated movie, so mostly run by volunteers. It only costs $6 for adults and kids under 12 are free (for a double feature, no less!), but I volunteer to work a booth from the time the gates open until the first movie starts. For that, I get to see the movies for free, plus get a free drink and popcorn. My kids and I go nearly every weekend (as long as there are kid-friendly movies playing), so we basically get to see two movies with snacks for FREE every week, just by donating a little bit of time. You can't beat that price, plus I love the nostalgia of a drive-in.