Monday, April 12, 2010

lots of freebies

Winner of a copy of my newest book : Carolyn H., North Carolina. Congratulations!!

Here are a bunch of freebies for you:

Free copy of the book Tortured for Christ by Richard Wurmbrand. This book had a profound impact on my life. Click here:   After surviving 14 years in communist prisons, Pastor Richard Wurmbrand came to America to proclaim the trials and testimonies of our persecuted brothers and sisters. In Tortured for Christ, Wurmbrand tells of his imprisonment for his work with the underground church and introduces the work of The Voice of the Martyrs. Forty years later, The Voice of the Martyrs remains true to its calling to be a voice for persecuted Christians, to serve with them in their time of need and to assist them in their efforts to proclaim the gospel. We would like to extend this special opportunity for you to request a complimentary copy of Tortured for Christ for your Christian friends and family members. Help spread the message of today's persecuted church.

sample of dove energy glow:

coupon for free kraft mac and cheese:

free country music sampler download (10 songs):

free purex 3 in 1 sample (I can't remember if I already listed this...):

What a beautiful day God has given us! I was reminded this morning as I sipped my coffee and watched spring breaking forth outside my window that His mercies are indeed new every morning. In my reading, I was convicted of the importance of my role as wife and mother and that there are no more important roles for me on earth. It is wonderfully beautiful and frightening at the same time to think that there are no people on this earth who I will impact more than my own family, and that He will hold me accountable for that. So thankful for His grace!

Happy day!

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