Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday's here...but Sunday's a comin....

Here's to Saturday...esp. to sunny, warm Saturdays. Will and I went to a few yardsales this am. Here's a picture of my best find...a solid oak reproduction of an antique icebox.(I can't get it to "turn" on this screen???) Heavy as all get out, but beautiful. 20 bucks.

And then the rest of the day? I'm in the middle of 5 loads of laundry (2 on the line), made a huge pot of homemade cheddar mac n cheese, 24 deviled eggs, 1 gallon of sweet tea and herbed cauliflower for my contribution to our now annual homegroup Easter dinner, washed the living room windows (and am already realizing I should have waited until the pollen dies down) and have looked up umpteen college videos with Abby. We had a great time at Duke and Carolina yesterday. Very beautiful campuses. And Mike? Tilled the garden and planted beans and lettuce, mowed the lawn, went in to school for an interview with a perspective teacher and is now washing and vacuuming vehicles. He LOVES to garden, here's a couple shots from today:

And the kids? Abby took a long nap and is reading Austen's "Mansfield Park." The boys are just being boys enjoying break: here's a shot of Aaron, Lee and neighbors Levi and Mohammed.

So there's a frugal day at the Cliff house for you!

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Happy Day!

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  1. I love the ice box, and can't believe the price! What a steal! And you know, it has taken me 6 years in my house, but we finally put up a clothesline this weekend. It wasn't that hard - I don't know what took us so long - inertia, I guess. But yesterday, I did 4 loads of laundry and reveled in the sweet smell of the clothes as they came off the line. Dryers are nice in winter, but nothing beats the smell of clothes off the line. And I hadn't even considered what I might save in energy costs...