Friday, April 16, 2010

Random stuff

It is just so beautiful here right now! I love spring in the South almost as much as I love fall in Maine. Flowers everywhere and sunny.

Here are a few deals I got this week:

Walgreens has an unadvertised special on U products by Kotex. They are on sale for $3.49 a box and you get a RR for $2.49, plus there is a printable coupon for $1.00 at : making them free! Picked up 2 boxes at 2 different stores (only one RR will print per transaction.)

At CVS I bought 2 (12) packs of Bounty, dove shampoo and Dial bodywash. After coupons and ECB, I paid $7.00 total...sweet!!

At there are free audio downloads of 2 different books. Look in the lower right corner. I don't know how often these change, but that's a good deal.

My daughter wanted to "go vintage" for prom this year. My sister had a dress that she wore in the Miss Greater Lincoln Beauty pagent in the early 60s. I wore it in a musical at Lee Academy in the 80s (my daughter thought that was quite vintage in and of's just hard for me to accept that the 80s are "old.") It fit Abby perfectly! So, my family boxed it up and sent it down. Thanks! Took it to the cleaners and will pick it up today. Hopefully, it didn't disintegrate. Cheap prom dress...and totally cool!

The garden is all planted...12 of those baby tomatoes went in after all my nurturing. Lee helped me plant. I just love to dig in the dirt. Something about growing your own stuff.

Today I have been cleaning. I either need to have a yard sale or make a big donation somewhere. How on earth do we accumulate so much stuff?? (Hey...don't even think about telling me to quit GOING to yard sales...ha!)

Must run and get some errands done. Happy weekend!

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