Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Thoughts...witnessing greatness

Last night, Mike and I went to see "Duke of Earl" Gene Chandler. Wow...I was blown away. I bought Mike the tickets for Christmas thinking I wouldn't get into it that much. The man had me with the first note of the first song...Rockin Robin. At just 3 months shy of 70, he can still bust some moves. And his voice range is phenomenal. Watching this man doing what God obviously created him to do nearly moved me to tears. I was awestruck. (The Drifters followed, but I thought the Duke stole the show!) It was inspiring because I like to witness greatness in any form. Whether it's my son running a 5K-- all heart in it, or our church pianist...Micheal Phelps swimming, Tiger golfing, my favorite prof in college when he was fired up....a craftsman completing a fine piece of's about passion, and doing what God created us to do. And when we do that well--whatever it is-- it's a beautiful thing, and I believe anything done well brings glory to the God who gave us our creative abilites...more tomorrow...

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  1. I watched the video you posted. It was really cool! I enjoyed it. I also enjoyed reading what you wrote about greatness. Well said Tricia.
    To God be the Glory in whatever form greatness is displayed!