Sunday, April 11, 2010


Pastor had a great sermon today. He spoke a little on predestination (from Ephesians) --the whole concept of God knowing and chosing us before the world was ever created is a theological conundrum that leaves even the best philosophers a tiny bit rattled. Do we choose God, or does He choose us? Are we so utterly depraved that on our own, we cannot even cry out to Him? Are we little chess pieces on His big board game? I have studied (in some depth)every possible side of the spectrum and have come to the conclusion that if greater men then I have debated it since creation...I'm probably not going to figure it out completely in my short span on this earth. But this one thing I know: Paul tells us that we were is quite clear. And the fact that He chose me, knowing how often I turn from Him is humbling indeed. I amazed sometimes that He loves me. I may not always "get it," but He tells us that unless we come like little children, we cannot see that kingdom of heaven.  Now that's a concept I am glad to comprehend!!!

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  1. I'm counting on the remedial class in heaven to straighten me out on a lot of questions. Most much simpler than predestination. :)