Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Crazy Day!

OK...so I worked 7-3 today, then all 4 of my kids had to be somewhere different after school and the car is still in the shop. Now it's 9:24PM and everyone is finally home. I still need to shower and tomorrow doesn't look much better on the busy scale...but we'll git er done!! Days like this make me thankful for friends (Gail and Julie, you rock, esp since they kept Lee 30 minutes late!!  Thank you!!!) and healthy kids.

So...coupons? Freebies??? Let's see...

You can get 3 personalized photo cards for Mother's Day for 33 cents each at Shutterfly. These are really quality cards. See details here: http://www.southernsavers.com/2010/04/mothers-day-photo-cards-33%c2%a2-ea/

Here's a deal if you are a Hooked on Phonics lover. There is an overstock sale going on with prices up to 70% off, plus another 50% off code on top of that. Clik here: http://www.hookedonphonics.com/overstock?C1=9 and use code CASH50. You can get some $200 items for 30 bucks!!

SC Johnson has a $5 rebate out right now that can be used 3 TIMES per address. Combine this with sales and coupons and score some really cheap/free items. http://www.scjohnson.com/Files/afc-rebate-form.pdf?utm_source=direct&utm_medium=offline&utm_campaign=2009-10-value-tag-DIRECT  Print 3 forms as they all have to be sent in separate envelopes.

And finally http://www.olay.com/ has some great offers right now, including 2 different $20 off $50 purchase rebates. This is what I used to score big at CVS this week. Just go to the site and look around.

Happy Shopping!! I love my blogger friends!!

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