Wednesday, April 7, 2010

blogging...triad deals..."freebie"

I really am having fun with this blog! Thanks everyone for reading and  participating. As I was contemplating what I will blog about for a whole year, I realized that 2 months have gone by already! Wow! Time really does fly by. I keep this running list of things to blog about, but I'm wondering if any readers have specific questions about different areas of "tightwaddery." Anything you might me wondering about? Wanna pick my brain about something? Or maybe even an area of expertise that you could share?

Pollen counts are the highest they have been since they started keeping track 13 years ago...everywhere you look there is a greenish-yellow hue. Thankfully, none of the fam has any significant allergy issues or we'd be in trouble! I LOVE this time of heat, no ac. Cheap electric bill!! I have decided I am a warm weather type of person. You can keep that cold stuff.

For those of you in the triad, Clover Leaf grocery is having their 5/$5 sale this week. This is when I stock up on peanut butter, dressing and other items. They also have burger for $1.58#, which is a stock up price for me. HT has fresh bone-in chicken breast for 97 cents#, also a stock up price, so I will be filling the freezer this week.

Here's a form to get a coupon for free land o lakes butter with purchase of land o lakes, so it's essentially B1G1 free: Good until 5/31.


  1. You probably have this on your to do list, but I'd suggest your yard sale ritual. I have a ritual that I follow that I'll comment with. Other tightwadery - cars / mainenance / gas. These are big items on everyone's budget and most of us don't pay as much attention to this as we should. You might also talk about your weekly/daily process of shopping - How you store catalog coupons, decide where to go, get ready, so to speak. You have bounced around this issue but it would make a good single post. I'll see if I can think of some more.