Saturday, April 17, 2010

Weekend market

Yardsales were pathetic today...I think it was because furniture market is going on and there just weren't many out there. For those of you not from the area, market happens two weeks out of the year. Once in April and once in October. This is our only time to look like a real city. Our city of 80,000 doubles in size. Now you would think that means good deals on furniture, but you would be wrong. Unless you call getting a $3000 sofa for $1000 a good deal. Actually, if you know someone in the can get better deals....and we have done that. But market is fun just to behold. The rest of the year, our downtown is relatively dead.

Anywho, bad yardsales. I did get some more college texts I hope to sell at Edward McKay and a few summer tops for a buck.

Tonight we had our church auction dinner. We won a pool/pizza party with our pastor...and he makes the pizza!!  Sweet! Also won a haircut and style for $10. Nice.

What do we do for tightwad entertainment on Sunday afternoons? We walk around our neighborhood and go to open houses. We've been doing it for so long, the realtors know us by name. Nice way to see pretty homes.

Have a great day!!

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