Friday, April 2, 2010

Funny picture for you:

Good Friday....but Sunday's a coming...

Winner of April 1 drawing: Pat S., Ellsworth, Maine...congratualtions!

Our school break starts today. It's sunny and supposed to be 90 today, we are going to spend the day in Raleigh. Looking forward to it! Taking Abby to visit a few college campuses. Wow, how has this happened??
Here's a freebie for of those facebook deals. I should mention that if you don't have facebook and don't really want one, you can sign up under a nickname and not upload any pictures...then you can still get in on the freebies. No nonsense is giving away free socks to the first 100 who sign up EVERY DAY at this link:
So, I would sign up early in the am if I were you! I just tried at 8 am, and they were gone for the day, so you'll have to start early.

Free sample of Orville's Cheddar Cheese Popcorn here:

If you're a crocs fan, is having a 25% off with free shipping sale! ....use the code CHOW and get 80% off; $25 coupon for $2!! I LOVE this site.

OK, have a great day!!


  1. $1 each - Gorilla Glue (NIB)*5, 2 antique plates - 0.50 each, TRS-80 computer (destined for e-bay for $50)-$30 , cool swiss tech knife set (nib) destined for office Christmas gift exchange, Solar/crank emergency radio - $1 (keeper). 1 hours worth of morning garage sales. This week makes up for not getting anything last week. I really figured the old TRS-80 laptop was worth more but I'll take what I can get. -Bill

  2. You need to post your finds... -Bill