Monday, April 26, 2010

witnessing greatness- part II; free movies, kindle stuff

Wednesday, 4/28, is Baskin Robbins 31 Cent scoop day. Don't forget that most Dunkin Donuts have a go get yourself some cheap ice cream!! I plan to treat the whole family...a rare occasion!!

Walgreens alert: There is a deal this week on Hallmark cards that just got a whole lot better. $5 RR wyb (8) or $2 RR wyb (4) Hallmark Cards. The 49¢ “Kid’s” Cards are participating. Buy (8) for $3.92 and get $5 back! You make $1.08. Great chance to stock up on kid's b'day cards!! There are lots of ( 9, I think) FAR items this week. Check out  to see them all!

Here's an unadvertised deal at CVS: CVS brand sunscreen is buy 2, get $5 in ECB. If you get the 2 oz size, you will get them both for free!!

You can check by state if you have a Cinemark theater near you. They are going to have their "Summer Movie Clubhouse" again, where admission is $1 per show for kids. Or purchase in advance and get 10 shows for $5. All shows are rated G or PG. Click on the link for the theater near you to see the rundown of movie dates and the times. For example: Ice Age 3, Alvin The Squeakquel, Night at the Museum, Tooth Fairy, Tale of Despereaux, Aliens in the Attic, Planet 51, Veggie Tales, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Curious George. There is not a theater in the Triad, but one summer we were at Myrtle Beach during this time and took the kids to two free ( they were free that summer) movies. Sweet deal!

Did you know that even if you don't have a Kindle (Amazon's electronic book system), that you can download the app for free on your iphone or i touch? Click here to do so:
Then you can download lots of free Kindle books and read away! I bought my son a Kindle for his birthday and I am all the time downloading freebies on to it while he's at school. So when he gets home, I hear, " "Aww, Mom...another 'How Joanie Cleans Her Bathroom in 10 Seconds??' This is embarassing!!" Ha...I usually delete them after I look through them;) I do love his Kindle, but not enough to buy one myself!!  Most of the classics are free (including ALL Jane Austens!) and new releases are almost always $9.99.

Got several emails about my "greatness" post...which was super. One friend found it interesting that I would mention Tiger...and therein lies his "schtick, " so to speak. Tiger is a great golfer, probably the greatest of all time. Morally, he's a mess...Mickelson has him on that. But my point is, God gifts us all differently. Watching Tiger make a shot that looks impossible is a thing of beauty...regardless of the fact that he's out sleeping around. So the question is, can our talents bring glory to God even when we have sin in out lives--because, let's face it, we might like to rag on Tiger, but there ain't one of us who's perfect. I think the answer is "yes." I think that anything well done causes people to stop and say "Whoa, amazing!" And that in turn, points us to a creator who makes us thus....OK, enough on that for today:). I do love this subject: finding your "sweet spot" and doing it with passion...

Happy Shopping!


  1. Regal Entertainment Group have been showing movies in the summer for years too. They show them for FREE and have special priced popcorn and drinks. We have 3 theaters in the area. I have listed the movies, theaters and a link so you can see the movies Dates and times at your theater below.

    921 Eastchester Drive
    High Point NC 27265

    5830 Samet Drive
    High Point NC 27265

    3205 Northline Avenue
    Greensboro NC 27408

    Kit Kittredge: American Girl (G)
    Hotel For Dogs (PG)
    Monsters Vs. Aliens (PG)
    Tale of Despereaux (G)
    Alvin And The Chipmunks Squeakquel (PG)
    Charlotte's Web (G)
    Night At The Museum II (PG)
    Wallace and Gromit (G)
    Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs (PG)
    Polar Express (G)
    Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs (PG)
    Doogal (G)
    Planet 51 (PG)
    Pirates Who Don't Do Anything (G)
    Imagine That (PG)
    March Of The Penguins (G)
    Paul Blart: Mall Cop (PG)

  2. WOW..thanks Dawn. I'll try to remember to mention that tomorrow!!