Thursday, July 7, 2011

Small House article , All You Day 19

Here's an interesting article on small houses. I love that Americans are downsizing:)!

All You Day 19

Just a quick update, mostly for my own sake. Just in case you're worried that I'm filling your inbox too much, I won't be blogging daily once this challenge is over. I felt like today was a big victory when I mentioned that we we're almost done with the third week of the challenge and one of my kids said, "Oh, I thought it already ended." That means the subtle healthier changes I have been making are quite OK with the kidlets!!

Breakfast: cold cereal, milk, coffee
Lunch: tuna on wheat, peaches, pretzels
Dinner: Mike and I went to scout camp to visit Lee, so a picnic of ham and cheese with him. The older kids scrounged at home in the leftover section of the frig.

Aldi: box of powdered milk, gallon milk, pretzels, rice crispies, cheese, onions, citrus punch $18.00
Merita bakery outlet: 3 loaves wheat bread, 2 packs hamburger buns: $4.00

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