Friday, July 1, 2011

Natural UTI remedy, All You Day 13

When I was pregnant, I was frequented with UTIs (urinary tract infections) to the point of distraction. It drove me crazy! I'm not a big water drinker, and you'd think I'd learn my lesson, but some habits are hard to come by. One older lady I know who had trouble with this told me that she takes cranberry tablets and drinks 8 glasses of water every day and has never had a problem since...but just in case...stock up on the following items and try this before doing the go-to your-doctor-and-start-an-antibiotic-which-then-causes-a-yeast-overload-routine:

plain alka-selzer tablets
cranberry tablets
unsweetened cranberry juice
baking soda
garlic juice (or cloves or tablets)
parsley, fresh or dry
unsweetened yogurt

I have seen several different combinations and time frames for this remedy but the following has worked well for me. I'm not a doctor, so please use this as a dislclaimer if this doesn't work out for you!!

The 8 Hour UTI Cure:

Hour One: Dissolve a teaspoon of baking soda in water and drink.

Hour Two: Drink 8 oz of unsweetened cranberry juice and take two cranberry tablets with a glass of water.

Hour Three: Make "parsley tea": boil a cup of water and steep about a teaspoon of parsley in eat. Drain the leaves and drink.

You should be feeling better!!

Hour Four: Eat 1 cup of unsweetened yogurt, make sure it has active cultures.

Hour Five: Take an alka seltzer tablet in water, followed in 30 minutes by 2 more cranberry tablets and a glass of water.

Hour Six: Eat a clove of garlic OR take 2 garlic tablets OR take a teaspoon of pure garlic juice and a glass of water.

Hour Seven: Drink one more glass of unsweetened cranberry juice followed by a glass of water with 1 tsp of vinegar in it.

Hour Eight: Drink another glass of water with 1 tsp of baking soda in it.

By now, if you are not feeling better, I would head to the doctor:(!! If you are feeling better, continue to take 2 cranberry tablets a day with at least two glasses of water for as long as you like. It won't hurt to keep eating the yogurt either.

I will be updating daily on the All You Grocery Challenge, which runs June19- July16. The Challenge: spend only $25 per person per week or less ($150.00 for my crew) to feed your family, including eating out...but do so in a creative, healthy way. An * denotes our own garden food; (parentheses indicate healthy changes.) Winner gets $1000 and a write up in ALL YOU magazine! Please know that for grocery purchase totals, I round to the nearest dollar.

Day 13
Breakfast: cornflakes, milk, OJ
Lunch: ham and cheese on whole wheat, plums/apples, pretzels/chex mix, various drinks
Dinner: goulash (macaroni, tomatoes, hamburger), green beans, cukes*, the last of the cakes, milk/water

My kids LOVE goulash. Some ways that I have found to make it healthier are using whole wheat pasta,  and cutting back on the meat or serving it meatless. They like it no matter how it's done. (My mom called this a 'macaroni feed.')

I worked a half day today, then a home haircut for Mike. Looking good:) Then off to run some errands tonight. It should be obvious that my shopping is sporadic. Generally I do one "big" shop a week at Aldi, but I have had a strange week of being around stores I don't normally check out, so Aldi can wait until next week!

Rite Aid: chips $1.00
Harris Teeter: 8 ears corn (for July 4th), # real butter, lipton teabags, jar pickles, 2 # peaches, 2 bags instant potatoes   (saved about 12 in coupons) Total: $7.00

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