Monday, July 11, 2011

Maine Church Suppahs.. Pastor Bruce...All You Day 23

Maine Church Suppers are an interesting phenomenon in that at any given supper, you will find that about half the folks present don't actually attend the church. Churches across the state have suppers for many different reasons: fellowship, outreach, benefits, weddings, not to mention hunter suppers, sportsman suppers, quilting suppers, and my personal all time favorite, bean hole bean suppers! But you get the idea--it's a community event. Such is the case at the Springfield Community Chapel, the church where I grew up. While most churches charge a nominal fee, the Chapel gets all the food from Good Shepherd's Food Bank and in turn hosts free dinners two times a month. I love going when I am home for the summer; I like to help and I like to see everyone...and the dinner is nice also:

 Here, our wonderful Pastor, Bruce Swan, not only preaches but cooks and serves. Like many small town Pastors, he serves the community in many capacities including volunteer fire fighter and sled dog driver/breeder. Love you, Pastor Bruce!! Thanks for all you do for the people you love. You preached an awesome sermon yesterday too...I'm still chewing on it!
Spent some wonderful time on the lake in our "new" boat.  2 pairs of loons, a bald eagle and only one other boat on Junior. Here's a look at our boat (thanks Carl and were here today also), the sunset on Duck and a path on the property we dream of owning:):

I will be updating daily on the All You Grocery Challenge, which runs June19- July16. The Challenge: spend only $25 per person per week or less ($150.00 for my crew) to feed your family, including eating out...but do so in a creative, healthy way. An * denotes our own garden food; (parentheses indicate healthy changes.) Winner gets $1000 and a write up in ALL YOU magazine! Please know that for grocery purchase totals, I round to the nearest dollar.

Day 23

Breakfast: whole wheat pancakes with sugar free Hungry Jack (free after coupon), OJ, milk, blueberry coffee
Lunch: tuna and/or egg salad on wheat, tomatoes*, cukes*, pretzels, lemonade straight from the lemons that were left here with Splenda
Dinner: free at the Chapel: spaghetti and meatballs, three bean salad, homemade wheat and garlic bread and peaches. (And  lots of great fellowship:)

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