Saturday, July 2, 2011

Freebie today! Cooking Day...All You Day 14

Free sampled of Miracle Whip:

Today started with a little garden work...always good. As you can see, we have to "net" our tomatoes or the Mocking Birds wreck havoc with them. Also put in a second planting of beans, cukes and cantaloupe.

Made our first batch of homemade salsa, which illicited double fist pumps from the boys. Just chop tomatoes*, onions and cilantro* and then add hot sauce, lime juice and salt to taste. Be creative! Add mangos, or cukes or's ALL good:0)

Crockpot granola roasted half the day (see my recipe section). I had a little coconut and chopped figs to add.

Banana muffins to use up the last of the bananas in the freezer. I used half whole wheat flour and got the batter in the muffin cups before I realized I'd forgoten to add the sugar. No one even noticed!

Whole wheat chocolate chunk walnut cookies...mmmmm.

Had to go to Walmart to pick up Mike's wedding ring (long story), so I grabbed 2 boxes of veggie pasta, a dozen eggs and a bag of tortillas for the salsa. Total after coupons: $4.00

Breakfast: cold cereal, fried eggs, OJ, milk, coffee
Lunch: brown rice and pinto beans (in honor of Dave Ramsey) with tomoatoes
Dinner: grilled burgers on (whole wheat) buns, SALSA* and chips, pickles, milk, chocolate chip cookies

Week total for food: $89.00

Harris Teeter: $15.00
CVS: $2.00
Rite-Aid: $1.00
Bottom Dollar: $10.00
Salvage: $8.00
Merita: $6.00
Walgreens: $8.00
Eating Out:
Boys as Taco Bell: $8.00
Lil' Caesers; $27.00

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