Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Life in Vactionland: All You Day 24 and 25

Good Morning Blogger Friends! Absolutely loving my time here in's a morning picture for you:
I am acutely aware that the Maine woods is not everyone's cup of tea. We have folks stay in our cabin all the time, and I can tell within 30 seconds what they really thought of the experience. My favorite question: What exactly do you DO there?? Well, what do you mean by that? You don't have to do anything at all, and that's what I like best! In a world filled with constant activity it's very nice to wake up and not have one thing on the least that's my opinion. For the last two days, my interent connection has been sporadic--I have to say I was a little disappointed when it came up fine this morning.

And family. It's been so nice to see everyone. Yesterday my brother Doug and Cindi came by...she brought a jar of homemade blackberry jelly. I had to try a spoonful and oh man, was it good! Then in the evening we went to my brother Jerry's house. I brought all the ingredients to make a lasagna but forgot one thing:  Mainers are sweltering with the 87 degree temps and my sister-in-law refused to let me use the oven! We had burgers on the grill. Saturday we are having a family reunion. Yes!

Today, we are going on our annual overnight camping trip to Mosquito Island, a tiny dot in the middle of Junior Lake, with nary so much as an outhouse. The whole island is maybe 120 feet long. Cooking is over an open fire pit, which limits what we bring. Again, more foods that I buy once a year:

Day 24(yesterday)
Breakfast: french toast, sugar free syrup, milk, coffee
Lunch: veggie mac and cheese (have you tried this yet? a serving of veggies in every serving of pasta...very good, my kids devoured it), ham, apples
Dinner: (compliments of my bro) burgers/dogs, veggie platter, sugar free carbonated lemonade (this was another new product try from Walmart, 68 cents for a 2 liter, about half the price of soda and none of the calories. There were about 5 different flavors, including pink, cherry and blueberry. Regular lemonade was a hit with my crew.) I made rice crispie squares after promising Judy that the microwave was all that was needed!

Day 25
Breakfast: cheerios and/or fried eggs and toast, OJ, milk, coffee
Lunch: grilled cheese on whole wheat, bananas, water
Dinner: (on Mosquito Island tonight--pics tomorrow) hotdogs roasted on a stick, chips (this is the first bag of chips that I've bought during the entire challenge...a big deal for me because this is my weakness!), clementines, smores, water

Walmart: 2 # hotdogs, hotdog buns, chips, mozarella cheese, eggs, milk, lemonade, margarine, OJ $17.00
Hannaford: 3 pack romaine lettuce, 3# clementines, 1#carrots, ricotta cheese, (turkey sausage), 2 # bananas,
pepper jack cheese, 2 packs bordens sliced cheese $21.00

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