Tuesday, June 2, 2009

stinky dogs and AC settings

"The whole of our life inside and out is to be absolutely haunted by the presence of God." Oswald Chambers

OK, I've decided to just tell you what my days look like at the Cliff house, and fill you in on the money savers as I go along...we'll see how it goes. Obviously, I can't hit it all, but will give you the highlights.

6:15 am Fox 8 live interview for book (about our car wreck)Kids made own breakfast, eggs, cold cereal or toast

8:00 Abby appointment with prosthodonist (she wears a partial plate as a result of our car wreck) No $ out as this was a follow-up

8:30 sausage and egg biscuits from Mickey Ds 2 for $2...treat for my daughter who has been through so much with those old choppers. Her favorite food in the whole world is biscuits!

9:00 dropped off meal for family of 11 from our church who just had a new baby(9th kid) I made White Chicken Chili (yummm) and added snack cakes, tortilla chips, cheese, sour cream and milk

10:00 one load of clothes on the clothes line, picked lettuce from our little garden for lunch
cleaned everything out of bathroom so my husband can start gutting it tonight for a remodel

11:00 walked to library with all the kids. Spent a glorious hour reading all the magazines I'm too cheap to buy (Forbes, Money, Martha Stewart, Country Living) and let the kids spend their weekly hour on the internet (yes, we have access at home, but they are only allowed on for school related projects and occassional other things)

12:00 lunch: tortilla rollups, strawberries we picked at the farm and pretzels($3.00 whole meal)

Afternoon: cleaning, answering emails, organizing school clothes for next year, bathed the dog (Use lavender baby shampoo, works great. If you have a smelly dog, after the bath and when still damp, spray them with a combination of hand lotion with lanolin-mine came from Dollar Tree-, Listerine and H20. Mix them in equal proportions and spritz on with cheap spray bottle. Also, along that line, I increased our dog's Benadryl for allergies from 25 to 50mg and his dandruff and scratching is so much better!) Kids were painting, reading, practicing instruments, riding bikes. We turned on the AC for the first time this year, when the outside temp got yo 90. We set it at 80. (In winter, the heat is set on 68)

4:30 Mike's home, some down time, then supper of whole wheat linguini and clams, salad, strawberries and cream ($4.50 for whole meal)

Evening: Mike and I walk almost every evening for at least 30 minutes, usually an hour, kids were playing with neighbor kids on their trampoline (he who has the biggest toys gets the kids) Then Mike started gutting the bath...boys will get to rip the tile off the walls tomorrow....watch out!!
Later evening: movie from my collection of yard sale finds...much cheaper than a night out!
We watched A Good Year, one of my favorites. In bed by 11.
Money out: $2 for biscuits
Money in :$100 check from a patient I had over 10 years ago who saw our story in the paper and just wanted to do something nice for his favorite nurse. Isn't that sweet?!!
$4.29 rebate check for cereal
In $104.29
Out $2.00

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