Saturday, May 30, 2009

Malls vs Yardsales and b'day wishes!!

Happy 14th Birthday to my oldest boy, Will, seen here jumping into Dobsis Lake. It's also my husband, Mike's, 46th birthday!!! I love you guys!
So here's my question of the day. Why does anyone buy anything at a mall? Yesterday being the first day of vacation, I took my kids to the mall at their request. I bought one book on the bargain table for a buck, knowing I'd probably find it at a yardsale for 25 cents. My 15 year old daughter was with me, happily she doesn't like to shop either.
I've yardsaled nearly every Saturday morning from March to November for 17 years. I estimate 75% of what we own is preused. There are so many options now: yardsales, thrift stores, ebay...if you want it, someone is selling it. Some purchases today:
Like new New Balance running shoes $1
New Camo hoodie $1
2 like new bed pillows for 50 cents each
1 pair mens black dress shoes $2
1 pair converse $2
Aquarium with filter and all accessories $10
Boys suit $3
You do the math. I saved well over $150.00. I always bring one kid with me. They would prefer a day yardsaling over the mall...ask them. It teaches them sticker shock.
Oh, and we did go to the army navy surplus of my boys favorite places. Will bought a sword for $20 and Lee bought a machete for $5. (We like "manly" toys!) Can't beat those prices.
So tell me, why does one go to the mall? I was bored silly...

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  1. I with ya on yardsales, but I can't do every weekend, although I try. The great thing is when you find something you need that someone is selling that is brand new. The bad thing is that sometimes I'll buy something on impulse. This last weekend I bought a 3-d chess set. I guess the recent Star Trek movie has me remembering childhood TV. Got home and discovered a piece was missing. Oh well. I can get more chess pieces and can't have much buyers remorse over $2. My find of the week was three old wooden shipping crates - the kind with the printed labels on the sides. i'm an antique nut. Got all three for $8 and saw them at Liberty Antique festival a couple weeks ago for $15 each.