Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The cheapest way to lose weight...

Everyone knows that diet products are a billion dollar industry...but I'm telling you, you can do it for free! No special foods, no pills, no gym memberships, no fancy clothes...yup, I have THE ANSWER! Here it is...quit eating so much and exercise more. I know, you are shocked at my logic and could never have thought about it on your own, so just remember, you read it here first. Actually, with my approach, you will SAVE money because you won't be spending so much on food. So, with your doctor's permission, try this. Women, eat 1000 calories a day, men, 1500, then throw on your sneakers and start walking or jogging...or using that exercise equipment that's in your basement. I can almost guarantee you'll drop the pounds. You can also eat anything you want, just in smaller quantities. Try it!

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