Tuesday, May 12, 2009

This is what I wanted?

Funny thing happened today...I set up a blog, and a website, and I even signed up for ad sense and I'm not even sure how it works. Figure I might as well go for the gusto. I woke up this morning, got my kids (4 of my own and one foreign exchange student) and my husband (who happens to be the HS Principal at the school my kids attend) out the door. I checked my email, I checked my VRBO listing, I checked the status on my soon-to-be-self-published-book (it's at the printers...a month out from being complete). I took my dog to the vet and paid $163.00 so the vet could tell me that he has allergies that can't be cured and I forgot and used my debit card instead of my credit card and now I only have about $50.00 in my checking account to last for two days. That really shouldn't be a problem except that sometimes my DH uses it and I need to remind him not to use it. I thought about something I read recently: "You can't drive a parked car." That's what I've been doing. Sitting in a parked car asking God to move it. I hadn't even turned on the ignition. I want to be a writer. I love to write. I'm just not very good at it. But I can get better! So, today I turned the key and I started to drive. I can always turn around and go another direction if I need to. But I will drive.

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  1. Lookie there. God answered your prayer. The car moved. Praise God for the internal combustion engine. Otherwise, I'd be hoofin it 15 miles to work each way. That's quite a bit further than 3 blocks.