Thursday, May 28, 2009

Last day of school & vacation savings

Yes, the day has arrived. I pick the kids up at 11:30 and we're done for the year. If Abby didn't have a conference in mid-June, I think I would head up to Maine tonight! I mean...look at this shot...Maine is just a beautiful state. June 21 and I will be there.
We always go to Maine in the summer and Michigan in December, so our vacations are built around family. We are actually taking the kids to Montreal and Quebec City this summer in a round about way to Maine. Mike took me to Quebec for my 40th last year and it was incredible...very European without the price tag. Speaking of which...I used a credit card to pay for our medical bills(which I paid off) to earn "rewards," which for me translated into four free hotel nights in Canada. How sweet is that?! We basically only have to pay for the gas to get there. Will be scoping on food deals and such over the next couple weeks. I suggest if you are going on a long vacation to one area that you buy an entertainment coupon bbok. You can get them online and they are worth it for savings on attractions and food.
Last year went to Florida. I prepared for months in advance...we saved post...


  1. Check out They offer a credit card that lets you earn money towards your kids college education. Stephanie and I have built up $1500 plus. There are many options for "earning" the money.

    I love free hotel nights too, but I "earn" those by traveling for work. Most hotels, airlines, car rental places have member rewards programs. One minor benefit to traveling for work, trust me, there are many more negatives.

    Is the ME picture from the cabin? I'd bet that water is COLD!


  2. Tricia I am so excited about this blog! With my husband in med school and me only working PRN so I can be home with our little one (soon to be oneS), we are always looking for new ways to be frugal - but, I have to admit, it does not come naturally to me. So, I am SO excited to have some guidance! Thank you for doing this!
    Faith (Haithcock) Tolan

  3. Thanks for reminding me about Upromise...I have an account, but it's not nearly as "full" as yours. And the water isn't Florida temp, but it's really not too bad!

    Faith, thanks! Hope we can be of some assitance!