Saturday, June 6, 2009

yardsales, ebay and what constitutes a gift?

Ahh, the joys of using the neighbor's clothesline! These are my towels...that's my neighbor's house. The clothesline is basically on the property line...when we moved in 4 years ago, she told me she was thinking of removing it. I told her I would buy it and move it over a stayed in the same place but I use it more than she does. I'm a little weird...I really don't like towels dried in the drier. I feel like they don't absorb at of my many quirks.

So, the loot from yard sales this am? Glad you asked! Kinda slim today, daughter was banging on my bedroom door at 7 wanting to know when we were leaving. Told you they love to go!

Men's Tuxedo $5.00 (this is for the future formals my boys will attend. why rent?)

Men's winter boots $3.00

Gallon name brand cleaner for my Bissell $3.00 (sells for $30ish)

11 gorgeous, like-new baby outfits for a friend and for my nephew $4.00

2 polo shirts for my son $3.00

A really cool silk tie with tree frogs for my son $1.00

Then I came home and listed several items on ebay. I haven't been working much (long story) and I need some cash...I'll let you know how it goes.

My husband has been landscaping all day. I bought him a Black and Decker hedge trimmer for his birthday last week. Speaking of which, whoever came up with the completely lame rule that gifts (at least for women) aren't supposed to have a cord attached? In other words, just give useless, brainless, fluff that will be sold at a yard sale the next year. What's up with that? Remember how excited Ma Ingalls was when Pa brought her a piece of glass for her window? When did it become a bad thing to give somebody something they need? When we became too rich as a culture to actually have needs anymore?

Coming up: 50% off at Carolina Thrift tomorrow, double coupons to a $2 at KMart this week.

Money In $0

Money out: $66.00 (yardsale and Home Depot-home stuff)

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  1. You'll have to tell me about your e-bay adventure. I usually buy antique type stuff for e-bay and save to list in October/November. E-bay sale seem down and May is worst month of the year anyway.

    This week I got new coloring books, game activity books for our youngest ($0.50 each). It will help keep him busy over the summer. I also picked up a pair of skates for him as well ($2). I did pick up an antique Coleman Lantern in incredible shape. I looked it up on e-bay and it will likely pay for my garage sale gas for the year. I also picked up one of those LED flashlights that you can crank and don't use batteries - brand new in the package. ($3) They sell for about $10 each. I love these flashlights. I keep them everywhere. I guess that comes from living in Hurricane country for so long. I also picked up a couple DVDs for $2 each. We'll watch them then use them to trade in at Edward McKay.