Tuesday, June 9, 2009

gardens, planning and free donuts for As

"The kiss of the sun for pardon,
The song of the birds for mirth,
You are nearer God's heart in a garden,
Than anywhere else on earth!"
(While I don't see that as theologically correct...I do believe there's a little truth in there!

I do love to work in the dirt. Our little patch isn't very big, but it's still fun. Our lettuce is getting bitter and I will pull it soon and put in another few hills of cantaloupe. We should have broccoli next week. My green beans are an inch long...I'm hoping for some before we head up to Maine in 9 days

Today 2 of my kids took their report cards to Krispy Kreme because we heard they give free donuts for As on your report card. They were hoping for one donut...they got one for each A (up to 6) so they each came home with a half dozen. How sweet is that?!

Not much going on today. I did talk to the first hospital we went to about reimbursement because I found out our insurance company waived the copays on the kids ($150 a crack). Sure enough, the system showed they had payments from us AND the insurance company and they said they'd send a check out for $600.00. I won't hold my breath...but that would be SO sweet! Funny, I really doubt they would have done that on their own!!

Mike rented a crimper from Home Depot and bought some fittings for the bathroom. He has the water all shut off now. I'm really thankful to have a husband who can tackle projects!! Saves a bunch on labor costs.

Made out a menu for the next 9 days to use up every possible bit of food in the house. I should be able to make it with no grocery store run...it's like a game...

Breakfast: oatmeal (1.50)
Lunch: mac n cheese/hot dogs (2.00)
Dinner: burgers/salad/coleslaw (6.00)

Money out: $53.00 (HD)
Money In: 0

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  1. Are you going to buy cantaloupe seed or just use seed from a cantaloupe. At the end of a season, let a plant go to see and collect the seed and store in a ziplock bag (dried first) in a cool dark place. This will not work with some hybrid varieties but most common stuff works fine.