Friday, June 5, 2009

Picnic for 20 for under $45.00

"Show hospitality..."

Tonight we are having a picnic for our neighbors (this is a picture from last summer in Maine, but you get the idea)...not all of them, but 20 or so, including us. I'm pretty low key when it comes to entertaining. I don't do it to impress people and if that's why they show up, then they're sure to be sorely disappointed! I vacuum and clean the bathrooms and that's about it cleaning wise. My sister once told me that secret is to always entertain in the evening and use candles...saves time cleaning!!

Anywho...the menu is burgers, dogs, coleslaw, chips, lemonade and tea...and whatever the neighbors show up with. It works out well and no one leaves hungry. Sometimes I throw in a pasta salad or potato salad...a five pound bag of red taters and a dozen eggs makes enough salad to feed an army. I always have ice cream sandwiches for dessert...they're cheap, everyone likes them and there's no preparation.
Got that free donut at Kripsy Kreme today....then ran 2 miles in an attempt to get rid of it. Going yardsaling in the morning, I'll let you know the loot I get...

Think about ways to be hospitable this summer...forget about what people think and just do it!!
Coming up: Carolina Thrift 50% off Monday, Free ice cream at Friendly's Restaurant tomorrow
Money in:$100 (reimbursement for something I bought for someone else)
Money out: $5.86 (movie rentals)

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  1. Thanks for share this post. It would be your great moments. I hope you would enjoyed lots of fun at that picnic. That food menu is looking really nice and enough.