Monday, June 15, 2009

GTCC dental cleanings, student haircuts, drywall

"Drudgery is the touchstone of character." Oswald Chambers it's been awhile since I posted and too much has happened to list it all, but I'll hit the highlights...

Thursday was our "student" day. The kids and I have been getting our teeth cleaned at GTCC for years. There is a dental hygienist program there and they really do a wonderful job. Cleaning & fluoride treatment is $5.00. Add a buck for bite wing xrays and 5 bucks for a panoramic (Abby just had one of these at the oral surgeon's office and I paid $200 out of pocket-how's that for mark-up?), which they do every 18 months. They also give you the toothbrush, toothpaste and floss and when the kids were little, a toy. The kids have all had sealants done also. I know, your dental insurance gives you free cleanings, right? Good point. That's what Mike has. But to add the family to his plan is $50.00 a month. I just paid $33.00 for the kids and I- cleanings and the needed xrays. You do the math. I still come out way ahead. The down side is time. Plan to spend @3 hours in the chair. The student does a full mouth exam and then cleans. The instructor checks everything and then the dentist does his exam. On the other hand, all 5 of us start at the same time. If we were going to our regular dentist, that would be 5 appointments on different days, which would be more time spent overall. I wouldn't go anywhere else. I've never had a problem. On one trip last year, the kids had sealants and most needed x-rays. I spent $100.00 that trip. I figured up what that would have paid at the dentist...over $1200.00. GTCC rocks!!

Speaking of GTCC...they also have a culinary arts program. You can get a 4 course meal, including sweet tea, coffee and dessert for around $7.00...depending on the menu, which you typically have no choice in. Sometimes you can choose between two entrees. Again, I've had great experiences. You have to have a reservation...I believe the days are Weds and Thurs for lunch and Thurs for dinner. Well worth the trip.

On to the beauty school experience. High Point has a new school called Fila Academy (On Eastchester beside Hobby Lobby.) I decided to bite the bullet and go all out. I've never had my hair colored in a salon. Ever. I started going gray at age 14 and began with highlights around age 18. I always use whatever is free after rebate. But lately I've been a more "copperish, " so I decided to see what paying more would get me. As I expected, the instructor tells the student what to use, so that was not an issue. I think I look like Wilma Flinstone now, but my daughter and husband are quite pleased and tell me it is not orange at all, so I guess it's OK. I have a very difficult time covering the gray, and it disappeared also. So here's what I got:

haircut with shampoo, deep condition and styling: $10
all over color WITH high lights: $32
eyebrow wax: $5
manicure: $8
pedicure: $16

I have never had a pedicure, and the girl did a great job, massage and all. Manicure and cut were a little off, but I've had the same experiences paying full price.

Again, I compared with a couple of high end salons, and I would have paid well over $275.00, depending on the stylist. I think GTCC has this also, but I have never been there for the beauty school.

Saturday was our 17th anniversary....since that is such a special number and all, Mike spent right around $200.00 on a dinner and hotel...the amount saved on my day at Fila. It was worth every penny. We've had a great many stay-at-home-dates that were just as meaningful though. He's a great guy!

And to close today....we needed to have our 5X8 bathroom ceiling drywalled. Mike does a respectable job, but ceilings are hard when you are doing it alone and I'm not much help in that dept. We priced two different guys. One wanted $325 and the other $150. ALWAYS get a second opinion. I recommend David Seawell. Great job!


  1. Hi! We live in High Point too and are looking for low cost dental care. How do we contact GTCC for a cleaning? Thanks!

  2. I'm in Maine right now and don't have the number in front of me, but just call the Jamestown GTCC campus and tell them you want the dental dept...

  3. SO GLAD I googled GTCC Dental and got your blog. We haven't had dental ins. for years and I have gone 2 yrs without a cleaning. I WILL DEFINITELY look into GTCC thanks to your advice. The saying "Time is money" .... well, I'll spend the time and save my money! Gonna call the Jamestown Campus first thing Monday morning and make an appt. I'll 'spend' three hours to 'save' over $175!!! THANK YOU! (I would consider this GTCC DENTAL one of Greensboro's little secrets!!

  4. As an update to this post--GTCC has been backed up with appts lately and you may get an answering machine. Leave your number. Because I'm considered a "regular," they always call me back; not sure about new folks, but it is so worth the time!!